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Russell Brand Recounts The Birth Of His Daughter

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From The Cheltenham Literature Festival 2017 Unf*ck Yourself From The Modern World with my new book Recovery Get it here in US: http://tinyurl.com/ydcwz3kd Australia: https://t.co/Ri1XSonD2X UK: http://tinyurl.com/ycs8gu6b To see me on my Re:Birth tour go to https://russellbrand.seetickets.com/tour/russell-brand/list/1/200 Listen to my Under The Skin podcast here https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/u... Subscribe to the Trews here: http://tinyurl.com/opragcg Filmed by Jenny May Finn
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Jennifer Hall (1 month ago)
Charlotte Buchanan (1 month ago)
That was so beautiful. There's something about a man watching a baby be born especially his baby it just always seems to humble him.
Red Roots (3 months ago)
Incredibly beautiful, moved me to tears.
Rina Sada (3 months ago)
Ooh it was beautiful and a healing moment for me. I cried so much halfway thinking about my dad who was so happy for having me, his long awaited daughter before leaving early. I know the father of our children and I will feel the same. It's a unique moment of/in life. Merci for sharing it.
Katy Hoover (3 months ago)
I both laughed at a good portion of the descriptives and was totally amazed! Love the vocabulary being used!
Kelly McConnell (3 months ago)
So beautiful this made me cry!
Lady Luck Downunder (11 months ago)
Meanwhile Robbie Williams said the delivery of Teddy was like watching his favourite pub burn down😂
Diana Woods (1 year ago)
This sounds very like the monologue from 'Be Safe' by The Cribs. Is there a name for this style? It's beautiful
Sandie Radcliffe (1 year ago)
This has me crying at 5:21am remembering the births of my boys who are now 20 and 27, but in my heart will always still be my babies. I still look at them and think wow I created these two beautiful human beings. Love that sometimes seems to falter in a 30 year relationship created these beautiful boys that can break my heart and mend my heart all within a seconds time. Thank you Russell for taking me there this morning, where I needed to go. Sending love and prayers to you and your family. Remember your mother is a fighter, it is how you became one and she will fight to stay here at all costs to see her beautiful son be a beautiful father for many years to come. Love and light 💜
Ecordiolex Music (1 year ago)
Good poetry my friend even though our wires maybe cross a little from the outside. "Chillax Peace & Love" 😎
Karolyn (1 year ago)
lots of love
Matthew Alistair (1 year ago)
Please get Pete Doherty on, thanks
Lilly Hawk (1 year ago)
yes, birthing is an intensely emotional experience...well said Russell!
Shannon Pannell (1 year ago)
What a beautiful and endearing moment to share with Us, Russell. Your eloquently expedited words magically pull Us into your experience, I am able to feel the love for your daughter, the awe and pride you feel for her Mother, and the immense joy and sense of purpose you were awakened to. Thank you.
Wendy Knox-Leet (1 year ago)
I am crying
Leeloo Dallas (1 year ago)
arent you glad you get to be poetic about it while not suffering one bit, while she suffers in an non romantasized way cause the pain for her was real to you it was fleeting and a gain, tell the story for her in a platform where only you will be the one heard and a video that will remain for ages circulating on the internet and your daughter will see it thru your eyes, eyes that retell a story of a womans journey. one more voice overpositioned over the womens voice.
brainsareus (1 year ago)
what a shallow idiot you are! would you prefer he be detached?? a man is damned if he does; and damned if he doesn't.
Andi ProgShop (1 year ago)
Danke! Danke daß es Dich gibt. Du bist großartig
Ginger Schantz (1 year ago)
V H (1 year ago)
I am sick to death of people thinking and telling the world their lives were only worth living after they had a child. I went through IVF and it failed. I have loved my stepdaughter since she was three when I met her, but when I tell people about her they just look at me with pity. Life is not just about being a parent. The world is horribly over-populated. Three children in Africa die every minute from malnutrition. Yet we must laugh at Russell's amazingly funny crap about him becoming a father. Good on you Russell for joining the acceptables
Anne Hardman (1 year ago)
Welcome to the world Mabel....and well said Russell (:
Erika Devine (1 year ago)
"...the vagina..."? Don't you mean HER vagina?
Zoe Ward (1 year ago)
Thank you for sharing this very touching account. You brought us in the experience with you magnificently.
Agnieszka Niemira (1 year ago)
That should be "No one in the herstory of womankind..." :)
Keri Di (1 year ago)
"She doesn't cry, but we do." Me too, Russell. Thank you so much for sharing
Ann Knight (1 year ago)
The most beautiful and powerful account of childbirth I've ever come across...really quite extraordinary. Thank you!
questions exe (1 year ago)
"with this gnostic promise received, Laura roars more." :)
Antonella M (1 year ago)
what a poet!
Sarah Jane (1 year ago)
Wow ❤
Skyland Mystic (1 year ago)
Beautiful . . .
Laryssa Neel (1 year ago)
This was AMAZING. That's not even the right adjective. Beautiful, raw, accurate, pure....LOVE. Tears streaming down my face right there with you. Just wow. Thank you SO much for sharing this.
dreaminginnoother (1 year ago)
Russel is very good with words.
Sheeva Elyassi (1 year ago)
Beautiful! 💖
Tasha Vladimiroff (1 year ago)
Beautiful Russell and congratulations
Wendy Mcreynollds (1 year ago)
A rich recount of the most magnificent moment of your life. I am not a bio parent but consider myself one, as his father is unavailable. My nephew was born at 29 weeks, and I was first to see him. He was two pounds, and he was beautiful, alert, and touching the incubator making eye contact. That was the most miraculous event of my life, and these moments have multiplied as he has gotten older. What a wonderful story to read and hear...thank you for including this in your book.
Steve Davis (1 year ago)
saw this live and thought he was incredibly brave to expose his most inner emotions
Dougy doug (1 year ago)
GO VEGAN RUSSEL, if you want to chose love, chose to no kill animals.
jaimariexo (1 year ago)
This is one of the most beautiful pieces of thought I've heard. Moved beyond words.
Abhinav Kumar (1 year ago)
Hey Russell, I was wondering if you had the opportunity to see this. This would be really appalling to you but this is the case indeed. A 12-13 year old kid from India. https://youtu.be/fZOsmbm6YdI I wish I could do something about it.
Priestess Peaches (1 year ago)
Wow this was moving ♡
krileayn (1 year ago)
I thought he was raising it gender neutral
kristin seavers (1 year ago)
Thank you so very VERY MUCH for sharing that most glorious moment with me. I am moved to tears.
Tyler Quick (1 year ago)
Pull a terrence McKenna and quit trying to profit off of peoples addiction .
brainsareus (1 year ago)
Sarah Skazala (1 year ago)
You are a poet.
Jannie Vium (1 year ago)
This made me tear up. Beautiful, elegant words express the unexplainable.. ❤
airplainchild (1 year ago)
So descriptive I didn't realize how tightly I was crossing my legs.
MM Productions (10 months ago)
Marilinaa (1 year ago)
So beautiful, I cried listening to this.
Shedea Greentree (1 year ago)
So brilliantly portrayed by a vivid eloquence that speaks right to the heart. Amazing, and beautiful. <3
Andria Karshner (1 year ago)
Stunning! And to think this is only the beginning of your love story.
Stacy Lamb (1 year ago)
Brought me back to birthing my daughter 23 years ago. It truly the most incredible experience.
ELIAKIM Joseph Sophia (1 year ago)
Please help home Russell, this is very serious. W have to save the NHS.  https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/our-nhs-comprehensive-health-for-all/
maya moon (1 year ago)
Such a beautiful and perfect description. I completely understand the sentiment of always having that love inside of you and it being manifested within the child. It's like your heart is finally here and on earth. I was searching for her all my life without even knowing it.
Jes (1 year ago)
I just wish you'd accomplish something 😓
Aten Ra (1 year ago)
Your daughter? are you assigning gender without consent Russel? you know genders are a made up socai construct, you musn't say son or duaghter anymore, it's 'child'. childbirth and pregnancy are social consturcts.
Vanessa Hoggett (1 year ago)
Your tears say it all
far Away (1 year ago)
"A Society grows great, when old men plant mighty oaks, whose shade they will never sit under" https://youtu.be/Ot1wztaqREw
Lelia L (1 year ago)
Beautiful!!!!! Finally a birth described by Russell Brand!!!
Kenny Jobson (1 year ago)
So beautiful :-)
rureadyboots (1 year ago)
As a father I can honestly say that labour was one of the most stressful and horrific experiences of my life.
Cheri Graham (1 year ago)
Wow. So moving. Yes, now i have tears
Tom Demey (1 year ago)
Great video Rus! Started reading my copy yesterday and I have to say that I'm liking it so far. Glad to be reading on of your books again. I'm not a heavy addict but there are some annoying behavior patterns that I find myself in. Hope I can let the book help me
far Away (1 year ago)
Adding to humanity is a huge responsibility for the future of mankind and the planet we live on. Please ensure your little additions are educated, I would strongly recommend you start their education with this man ... https://youtu.be/Ot1wztaqREw
Chris James (1 year ago)
Hang on a sec, I'm reading his new Recovery book right now, and I'm presuming this is an excerpt from that book, right? So, does that mean it strays into memoir-esque territory?
far Away (1 year ago)
Reminds me of a Private Eye front page. .... "Woman has baby" reference to the birth of a royal sprog !! http://media-assets-05.thedrum.com/cache/images/thedrum-prod/public-drum_basic_article-114516-main_images-PrivateEyeWomanHasBaby--default--385.jpg
Belly Mama (1 year ago)
This is inspiring I am mum to two daughters myself one born this year and I never thought to write a poem about their birth. I mite just do that. Thanks Russ x
scarlets101 (1 year ago)
Wow! Just wow! That was amazing! I have had 4 and can relate to every bit of that. It brought tears to my eyes x loved it!
Tara Rose Astrologer (1 year ago)
Wow. That was amazing 🙂
Jessie Sykes (1 year ago)
That was so so beautiful!!
Barbara W (1 year ago)
Please STOP loving the sound of your own words.
Barbara W (1 year ago)
Thank you Russell. We need more children on the Planet like we need fucking herpes on all parts of our body. No fucking care factor here. Maybe look up Bobby Calves. Look at the fucking humans do to just born animals. You really are so lame. I am disappointed in you. No one cares about fucking Laura. Another fucking breeder. And you? Another fucking fucker. Oh please. Beans up her muff. Simple really. B.O.R.I.N.G.
James Wilson (1 year ago)
Hahaha as if you actually took the time to type that. I can tell you’re Vegan from that statement too, get over your self.
Knife Life (1 year ago)
Barbara W You are a low life
Alexander Zapata (1 year ago)
Would love to hear your description of a bowel movement.
alexei lindes (1 year ago)
TheManWithNoName (1 year ago)
That was touching.
shottingham (1 year ago)
So erm, can we see her veejay?
LindaK (1 year ago)
Albert Draper (1 year ago)
ContradictoryToYourSenses Comment ThatAlwaysGets #toomanylikes ✨💄❤️✨🤡
Picket Fence (1 year ago)
I wept through the whole reading. Thank you Mr. Brand, love and luck to you and your family.
Shirley Castle (1 year ago)
You will never forget the birth of your child
Paul Baird (1 year ago)
What a beautiful, vivid, sensually preceptive prospective that was.
kimberley Howes (1 year ago)
This is perfection given a voice. How touching to hear a father for once give their beautiful side of this often one sided story. I have had two children, both by emergency section, so I've never had the 'labour' of helping my children into the world. But this is so heart felt and beautiful. What an incredible father your daughter has. Xxx
Drudge Report (1 year ago)
What happened to raising your child genderless?
Mama Wanja (1 year ago)
Consolized (1 year ago)
dragonskulle (1 year ago)
Gosh me dead, that was amazing!
Nugrat1 (1 year ago)
Trooperandcooper Ale (1 year ago)
Fuck yeah.
Both Eyes Open (1 year ago)
Amanda’s Umbrella (1 year ago)
Russell that was simply beautiful... i just got my copy of Recovery in the mail today and am really hoping it can help me. I’m really struggling.. i’ve beat an opioid addiction, but my life is still derailed. thanks for your beautiful words.
Wendy Knox-Leet (1 year ago)
Keep on dear one, the struggle is the process! Clean and sober more than 37 years and my derailed life has been one amazing journey that has shown me wondrous and profound things. Some hard, some easier, all unexpected. Open the window wide on your journey, breathe, laugh
Drunk Vegan Gal (1 year ago)
Good luck, Amanda...you can do it...reach out to others and, most importantly, keep trying (however long it takes). You can do it and it will feel amazing!
Cathy (1 year ago)
Ok, well, I'm crying.
Carol Montoya (1 year ago)
Russel, that was beautiful. Thank you for sharing your joy.
Ar Mainuddin (1 year ago)
Tony Desercey (1 year ago)
Brand's book gets high marks from me. He seems to genuinely care about the addiction apparatus that we all maneuver through in life. His affection for all people, no least of which his daughter, comes through clear. This is wonderful.
James 1984 (1 year ago)
Propa Hoo-man
Ella O'Bryan (1 year ago)
tears russell this was incredible
buck farmer (1 year ago)
Single tear man. I am completely filled now thank you. Keep growing!
Evvi Magpie (1 year ago)
I was 18 years old when my parents finally had their second child - when my brother appeared in our world, we were laughing and crying, it was incredible and joyous
Niamh McGilp (1 year ago)
That was so beautiful!
Marianne . (1 year ago)
AJourney 08 (1 year ago)
wow! so insightful, im expecting to birth in a months time and i truly can not wait. Many blessings to your new baby girl :)
abstractswirls (1 year ago)
Wow stunning. These deceptive words of emotion is incredible. Expressing the moment of Spirit entering the flesh of this realm. That spark that ignites a Love so grand in all who witness it. May everyone feel this type of Oneness in their life. Even if not by birth of a child but in others ways as well
Ferre Alysse (1 year ago)
Love Russell so much!

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