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Nioh: How To Unlock All Ninja/Magic Skills EASY!

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Text Comments (15)
David Todd (1 year ago)
ok so you're video title is a bit misleading, although not technically incorrect. I was hoping it would be a way to farm locks of hair or what not in order to actually get more skill points to spend
DanisPlaysRoblox (1 year ago)
u suck af dude and your level is low af
Garrett Hooper (1 year ago)
Oh man, maybe turn the mic down a bit? Or invest in a higher quality? No hate though, take a like.
calderondm (1 year ago)
Terrible recommendation
Mike G (1 year ago)
calderondm why? Its a good way to do it lol cheesy but why else would you have looked at the vid if not to cheat lol
hmran yo (2 years ago)
How to use it i cant throw shit..what i press x or o or R1..pls help me
Ryan Nguyen (2 years ago)
I thought you find a cheese way to farm for hair lock.
D. van der Donk (2 years ago)
Yo Jumping, I got a question, do you know if the stats of the starting weapons and spirit are permanent? Or can you change those points too when you respec?
Croly (2 years ago)
i am at the point where i just watch your videos to give u 1 view xd.
DArealCHAZZ (2 years ago)
Jumpin we are not as good as you please I'm going to hand my account over to you take care of this game for me I will pay you handsomely there will be a nice crisp $5 bill in it for you please do not get too excited please do not be Jumpin I know the honor of having this $5 bill it's incredible just like you LOL I'm just playing with you you're the best at breaking these games down can they make a game that you can't make your bitch LOL I challenge you to a duel and Dark Souls 3 LMAO
TROCK754 (2 years ago)
"Maybe people dont wanna use magic but they wanna go ahead and use ninja or it could be vice versa maybe they wanna use ninja but they dont wanna go ahead and use magic" -Scrubbin Productions 2017
Daniel Gehrken (9 months ago)
Yeah, screw magic.
TROCK754 (2 years ago)
Stuart Ginty lol yea simple mistake just thought it was hilarious
Croly (2 years ago)
i rly think he sometimes turns his brain off xd. iam just joking....we all love u jumpin :D
Zanikas (2 years ago)
thanks for this 😃

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