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Welcome to my first blog from paradise!!! Take a look at a wonderful beginning to my stay at Hurawalhi Resort - after a short seaplane flight from Male and beautiful welcome, I got spoilt at a spa, swam in front of my villa and finally dined at the world's biggest all glass restaurant called 5.8 (because it's 5.8 feet under the water surface, in the bottom of the ocean!!) STUNNING!!!! ___________________________ PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL, SAY HI IN THE COMMENTS BELOW OR FIND ME ON OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS! SUBSCRIBE - https://bit.ly/SubAggieonYT INSTAGRAM - https://instagram.com/travel_inhershoes FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/travelinhershoes MY KILIMNAJARO BOOK ON AMAZON - https://bit.ly/KiliMeSoftly MY EMAIL LIST - https://bit.ly/travelinhershoes BLOG - https://www.travelinhershoes.com FLIPAGRAM - https://flipagram.com/travel_inhershoes Shot with: Canon G7X Mark II http://amzn.to/2k25ysF Canon 5D Mark III http://amzn.to/2l1c18g Canon 80D http://amzn.to/2knOYo5 My name is Aggie and I am a Polish born, Australian educated, Los Angeles based adventure traveler, writer, blogger and photographer but also an inner peace seeker, nature addict, sailor, olympic-level liquid spiller and obsessive learner. I visited over 50 countries so far, but who's counting? (ok, I AM!) It's good to have you here. Let’s see the world together!
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William Wen (14 hours ago)
I wish I could fuck her
Dharma Chatterji (1 day ago)
Great, Comfortable,
Peter Országh (5 days ago)
Very nice video ! great staff
TOKYO NHK (6 days ago)
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TOKYO NHK (6 days ago)
Nice video
filorican adventures (8 days ago)
Amazing video I want to go there one day
nguyen phong (15 days ago)
Kiv O:-\:-):-!:-!:-):-)^_^
Jonesha Lee (16 days ago)
Waste of money
Jonesha Lee (16 days ago)
Damn they barely put anything on the plate df
Caterina Breeds (17 days ago)
Does anyone know the answer, to why no one was wearing shoes in the restaurant under water?😂
Learn with Imran (17 days ago)
wow, amazing which country do you live? I specially invite to visit in Bangladesh.
Captain Stadium 1 (18 days ago)
Fantastic restaurant
Captain Stadium 1 (18 days ago)
I hope to eat your pain❤
Captain Stadium 1 (18 days ago)
beautiful girl
JAY ADIWASI (19 days ago)
Really beautiful and wonderful views 💐💐💐
david wood (21 days ago)
What a douche bag. You can tell you don't belong there. I don't see everyone else annoying the rest of the travelers with their video camera.
badi (21 days ago)
Next April hard rock hotel will open in Maldives i allready book every thing for 3 nights i love hard rock brand and it will be in Maldives😍😍..!
Sandy Messer (24 days ago)
This video was all about the spoiled young woman, not the islands
Vijaya Lakshmi (26 days ago)
Xabar Rudin (26 days ago)
Hello Aggi Lal, come here my palace,Weh island,very good it palace
Roger didit (26 days ago)
MOHAMED JAAVID (1 month ago)
Thank you for visiting maldives
Something to Say (1 month ago)
Where’s your millions of subscribers 😍😍
leni lein (1 month ago)
We visited Hurawalhi last Year. The underwater Restaurant was amazing
Azyan Afhi (1 month ago)
im from maldives addu atoll
Pooja Harsha (1 month ago)
Wow😱i wanna go there
Hip Hop Blows (1 month ago)
Nice Fart Box Honey !
Musthafa Mohamed (1 month ago)
Are u in malè resort
Cindy Conception (1 month ago)
Babe I'm sleepy 😘😘😘
wee ronnie (1 month ago)
Sadly, since the collapse of the Iron Curtain, these Eastern Europeans are allowed to travel and have inveigled their way into most of the world's beauty spots. They can be identified a mile off as the women look like prostitutes, whilst the men have shaven heads and wear little white shorts and bright white trainers when out for dinner!
hemant kd (1 month ago)
very nice place
Rosario Santamaria (1 month ago)
Dios mio q lindura d lugar quiero irrrrrr jajaja
Muaz Niazi (1 month ago)
Love u
psychoticbastard (1 month ago)
I see all those beautiful fish and some trout in the middle of the restaurant.
SIFER 360 (1 month ago)
Lucas Almeida (1 month ago)
Akbar Basha (1 month ago)
Amazing experience
Kaylord datruth (1 month ago)
I just saw this in my H.o,d office right now and i decided to check it out on youtube... and you think i no go get big money in my life? Gpu satan, walai..
The. GamingDog (1 month ago)
Man! This is where my parents had their honey moon and ate in that restaurant! We are going on holiday to the Maldives next week! Can’t wait
Ameyaw Solomon (1 month ago)
i wish witness this place one day
Hut Beafwaa (1 month ago)
Amizimg my watsapp 00971568163672
Carmen Gutierrez (1 month ago)
Annoying woman , we like to see the video of the place. Your in the way 💩👎🏻
britgeezer76 (1 month ago)
just wanted to look at the island not spoiled little rich girls showing off.
hello965 (2 months ago)
Love this ♥️ im in the Maldives right now😍
Diego Ramirez (2 months ago)
Mmmmmm I want to fack your pussy bb
Mj D (2 months ago)
Some comments are rude, but I thinks she is pretty and cute.
Zakaria the don (2 months ago)
I live in morocco i live in 1240 b.c hahahahahahah zbi
bhakti bhajan (2 months ago)
bhakti bhajan (2 months ago)
MAMUN Bd (2 months ago)
Nice piz
Jonathan (2 months ago)
Her voice and camera skills are killing me. 😩😩😩😩
Da (2 months ago)
What a nice person.
Sharon Smalls (2 months ago)
I love her white lace top, it’s gorgeous.
richystar2001 (2 months ago)
My bucket list restaurant.
Unicorn galaxy Girl (2 months ago)
I live in Maldives 🇲🇻 its super cool you can see that picture in my profile that’s my island in the background
Miguel Wallace (2 months ago)
Anisa Shahid (2 months ago)
If anyone her is maldivian like me can you tell me what these are 1 manma 2 bappa 3 datha
Anisa Shahid (2 months ago)
I live in Maldives Male and plz tell me where that is
Aminul Islam (2 months ago)
Alex wbs (2 months ago)
I plan To go To this place just wanted To see the restaurant but for real she is boring but thanks anyway
Mister Multicopter (2 months ago)
very beautiful video
nitin singh (2 months ago)
She needs to put on some weight,she's cute by the way.
I am born there :D!
LITTLE STAR (2 months ago)
Me too...
obertowski (2 months ago)
At least we know who in this family has balls
Hakeem Khan Yousafzai (2 months ago)
Heart catching restaurant wow😍😍😍
Shabana Khan (2 months ago)
Amazing 😎😎😎
diodala12 (2 months ago)
6:01 say hello to my old rich sponsor hahahh
TOKYO NHK (6 days ago)
diodala12 宜しくお願い致します。Don’t miss to watch the Straggling life of Japanese for Train in Tokyo in Japan. Please subscribe this channel to get updates. Thank you.https://youtu.be/sqA6X7K6jCE https://youtu.be/sqA6X7K6jCE
Profezor Snayp (2 months ago)
Excuse you! How rude! The proper term is "sugar daddy".
M. Amir (2 months ago)
Beautiful angel
Nicholas Tishko (2 months ago)
The girl occupied way too much camera time. Get out of the way! The real beauty was the scenery and she kept getting in the way.
I live here and I am used to this beauty
A MIRACLE HOLIDAY (3 months ago)
jackie boii (3 months ago)
I am frm Maldives and this how u say thankyou. Shukuriyya
Djamel Hedjam (3 months ago)
Pau RF (3 months ago)
Been there, done that! Really cool
WitchCraft 101 (3 months ago)
Proud to be a Maldivian ❤
JaXu (3 months ago)
we get it, you get paid and sponsored to visit places. now just never ever appear in my recommendations again.
Layth Alhamzwi (3 months ago)
Very beautiful
Timila Ja (3 months ago)
awesome place especially underwater restaurant
Nourhane Abadlia (3 months ago)
Sooooooooooo coooooooolll
Ignacio (3 months ago)
Lindita Guzman (3 months ago)
En que trabaja la señorita ?
Chameleon 24 (2 months ago)
The sperm is gonna go through?#captions 1:51
pradeep Kumar xplorer (3 months ago)
Are u saying word art is et? That's lot of food
Prakash Patil (3 months ago)
We are not interested to see your face😡😡
Anisa Shahid (2 months ago)
Someonea jelly?😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉
nur ika kha (3 months ago)
Guguloth Prashanth Naik (3 months ago)
Nice song
e r (3 months ago)
How come they don't show places like this like in the "Walking Dead"?
Äýýûb (3 months ago)
Would you like to give me the name of the song, please! !!!!!
Äýýûb (3 months ago)
+tirtirr thanks
tirtirr (3 months ago)
Äýýûb (3 months ago)
Thank u miss 😙😙
Wot me? (3 months ago)
Äýýûb the song is called Hymm for the weeknd this version is a remix.
amjad khan (3 months ago)
can anyone suggest which music is this being played ???
loOOooO (3 months ago)
God damn, I wanna impregnate her.
madani chenale video (3 months ago)
I Love you my dear
madani chenale video (3 months ago)
How are you
madani chenale video (3 months ago)
Peter CCR ENG (3 months ago)
I just wanted to see the the underwater restaurant i did not know it would be so painful to wait for this happen. I am not sure what it is, but she is so annoying to look at ????????????????????????? I gave up waiting and just fast forwarded to the 15 seconds of video i came here to see.
Renish thapa (3 months ago)
Maldives is an beautiful place 😍😍😍
davidevgen (3 months ago)
i bet that restaurant is really cool looking in a storm
I live in Maldives and yes it is
Idk anymore (3 months ago)
A underwater restaurant is just an aquarium for fish
Sophia lilith (3 months ago)
I live in maldives
Hidden Truth about them (3 months ago)
Did she say. She wants to walk to wakanda island.

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