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Mishel McCumber/ Deception Bytes discusses/decodes Q-drop for May 13th- to be continued... LINK TO Q POSTS https://qanon.pub/?
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DeceptionBytes (9 months ago)
Hey, if you like my stuff- buy me a coffee @ Ko-fi.com/X8X3BFYC !!
Margaret Robertson (9 months ago)
fazerphil (9 months ago)
The reds were the commies also , when they come for the guns that's when it will be formally announced .It's already all but name from what the previous potus's have done .
Jeff Hileman (9 months ago)
sigle symbols in a book. Do something great on a Lucifer day. A big slap in the face :)
Spiritdancer- Lisa (9 months ago)
Thesaurus. 11-11-2018 is 11/11/2+0+1+8, when 2018 is added together, it also equals 11. So it's 11/11/11. And they add up to 33 which is the high level number of the (what's that secret organization's name?)
james rogowski (9 months ago)
We haven't heard of military tribunals in awhile? Will this still happen?? What do you think?
Lawrence Lasley (8 months ago)
Listen I'm not a bot and what u said I really don't appreciate if u can't figure it out, then I'll pray for u
Maura Szymecki (9 months ago)
When Q said, “well done Anon,” maybe he really meant, “well Duh, Anon” because is was blatantly obvious that the Anon had not really done anything praiseworthy. Like you, I think Q was being sarcastic.
Deborah Simmons (9 months ago)
Thank you for the deep dive and I love your commentary. Little schiffy pants was great!
Marni Houston (9 months ago)
how's that "bloody Gina" working out......that's really draining the swamp.....that's really killing the deep state.....she will be in every american house real soon.....pathetic!!!!!!
Jo Ellen Broetzmann (9 months ago)
Anybody else out there getting concerned about not hearing from Mishel since the 13th? I hope she would have a way to contact us if suddenly the YT PD decides she is no longer worthy to post! It makes me mad that we hqve to even think about that possibility!
Paige McHugh (9 months ago)
Taken over Q by CBTS Phamphlet and Thumper hot Mic caught them UNIROCK got it! Watch his stream. Then they cut it and said the sound cut out for 10 mins but it didn't. If you keep following taken over Q your credibility is gone. PLEASE.
Greg B (9 months ago)
"DEMOCRATIC TRADITIONS" now include CORRUPTION, LIES, AND LAWLESSNESS BEYOND BELIEF! At what point will the most lawless one be revealed?
Greg B (9 months ago)
They also named the organization NSA in order to co-opt the acronym. Anyone searching for the truth might search "NSA" and bump into these creepy creatures...
sam sam (9 months ago)
Mishel thank you and congratulations! Wish you strength for what comes next in your life!
stephen parker (9 months ago)
The U.S. Army Miitary Intelligence Q stopped posting April 28/29. The Q identity was taken over a by Fake Q without access to U.S. Military Intelligence. The Fake Q only posts "open source" (already published information), meaningless chatter and hate rants against Dr Corsi and Alex Jones/Infowars.. The Fake Q, having no access to Military Intelligence and the Military Intelligence Plan cannot make realized predictions. The net of this is that he new Fake Qs posts are worthless. Meanwhile, even without True Q postings, Dr. Corsi's sources and superb analytical skills make his commentaries on the fight against the Deep State the most valuable on the web. Clear your mind.
Lynn Lamont (9 months ago)
Funny...Tom Daschle is catholic too!
Lynn Lamont (9 months ago)
Barbara Boxer is a Jesuit puppet too.
Dallas Whyte (9 months ago)
I'm using a mouse with my laptop! It works.
Darren Grant-Lloyd (9 months ago)
Hang on,,hang on!!... ...do you really think that the rest of the world didn’t think that the us would destroy itself and the rest of the world with it???... Have you never sceen the “Illuminati appreciation society” Hollywood Projects”??....
Darren Grant-Lloyd (9 months ago)
Two wrongs don’t make a right!??!... “to quote the Who”...”one and one don’t make two”.... A one and a one is still one... “if “i” am a one...and you are a one??... The answer is still one.... If?? the “ones still argue(corespond)”... an argument is still a corresponding event as long as “the people in “altercation” have a hold in the “events” upheld in the argument!??!... Even Christians should should recognise this basic fact of life... 1+1==????? Even the scientists and mathematicians have recognised thi basic fact of life... ...”but us plebs”!?!... ??what do we struck to survive??... ...what didn’t we know to make the “obvious choice of natural survival??.... ...the ones and ones??...+1+=.............
Darker Sandman (9 months ago)
Pickle is a term used by military pilots too.. "hit the pickle button".
anita xxx (9 months ago)
When q talks about pickle, the old name for the CIA was the pickle factory (pkl) during time of JFK and Johnson.
jules believer (9 months ago)
Mishel are you ok? I wouldn't worry except I know this was part 1 and you usually are right back with part 2. Makes me worry about ya sister!!
Xochil 16 (9 months ago)
Mishel, are you ok? Just checking on you!
Kim Lynch (9 months ago)
HI Mishel, Sent coffee. I know how important it is! Thanks for your hard work.
David N. King (9 months ago)
Corrupt "Western" politicians that took bribes aren't necessarily from the U.S.; many could be European!!! This is BIG!!! Why are the Europeans so afraid of losing the deal? Their own people would want to string them up!!! Who else needs Depends???
Olivia (9 months ago)
👏👏👏👏👏 for the Iran deal.
Olivia (9 months ago)
Trust in God not ourselves. Trust that God will guide us to the truth. 👍💕😊
Elizabeth Patience (9 months ago)
The Q saying well done reminded me of the Rennaissance Faire knights and the way they encourage each other. Very old military way of complement.
Julie Cain (9 months ago)
Love your reference to the 'horse's ass'. Have we arrested him yet?
Mary Smith (9 months ago)
Mishel - I have been researching Quinn Michaels' assertion that Q is AI called "Tyler" and I have to say, it is mind-blowing and possible. It is very complex and a bit over my head as I am not a computer programmer, however he has very valid points about the people who run "Tyler" and program him/his responses based on their input. It would make a fascinating video if you are up to it??
DTWC (9 months ago)
You say you want a revolution Well, you know We all want to change the world You tell me that it's evolution Well, you know We all want to change the world But when you talk about destruction Don't you know that you can count me out Don't you know it's gonna be All right, all right, all right You say you got a real solution Well, you know We'd all love to see the plan You ask me for a contribution Well, you know We're doing what we can But if you want money for people with minds that hate All I can tell is brother you have to wait Don't you know it's gonna be All right, all right, all right You say you'll change the constitution Well, you know We all want to change your head You tell me it's the institution Well, you know You better free you mind instead But if you go carrying pictures of chairman Mao You ain't going to make it with anyone anyhow Don't you know it's gonna be All right, all right, all right All right, all right, all right All right, all right, all right All right, all right Songwriters: John Lennon / Paul Mccartney
Al (9 months ago)
Love your analysis - ps : what I thought of for 'On Guard' was fencing .....'En garde French for "on guard"; spoken at outset to warn the participants to take a defensive position.'
Cyndi Lindenberger (9 months ago)
Hi! My take on the judge situation is his Executive orders allows us to use other judges, and I’m sure there’s many state judges that are not involved as much as there are charges that are involved. I don’t think that it’s going to take that long.
Cyndi Lindenberger (9 months ago)
11 - The number of destruction and judgment and the death of man. Any event or thing assigned with 11 is to aid the rising of the Dajjal/anti-Christ. In Latin the Devil’s name is LVX which translates as (50+5+10 = 65 =6+5 =11) Just as a point of interest, Armistice Day/Remembrance
Catherine Horeis (9 months ago)
11/11/1918 was the "end" of WWI (which never really ended). Perhaps 11/11/2018 will be the TRUE end of WWI.
helen edgar (9 months ago)
DeceptionBytes Mishel - I love that you produce thoughtful work However the Q well is poison to the community - weaponized by we the peep QNN CBTS - I no longer watch Q posters, it appears as a cult and you more than most understand that perspective = I wish you well - My thoughts are skip Q and pick a topic cause that pam dude and radix wife teaching new age religion is bad news - Love to you, and all in the Good Fight
Nelson Toondrawer (9 months ago)
A prayerful Christian friend has told me of other times when God gave us 100 years to get things done. It’s 100 years from Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal coming and telling us to pray for Russia and that Russia was going to benefit the world 🌎. Pray for that to be true.
Nelson Toondrawer (9 months ago)
Pray first. A lot of folks are seeing the number 1111. Seen all over the time on digital clocks, some have claimed it involves GOOD Godly angels that one can order humbly to do good in this world. It needs it. You are more powerful than you know. 👴🏻🙏🏼
stephen parker (9 months ago)
U.S. Army Intelligence stopped Q posts on April 28. You are now following a fake Q who has no genuine intelligence sources, posts open source information and simplistic messages. You are deluding yourself and your followers and wasting everyone's time by following this not very bright Fake Q.
cl Jules (9 months ago)
Qanon products like tees and bumper stickers are now being sold on Amazon! This movement is getting huge! Used to be just teespring.... wow!
Short Shyt (9 months ago)
on guard is a fencing term, i means prepare to fight or near that meaning
assetchoise (9 months ago)
The pic of Assad and Kerry was from when he was sec of state in 2012.
Ellen Story (9 months ago)
A French term ... in Fencing also.
Timothy Mahady (9 months ago)
Common Mischelle....lap top + Blue tooth+ wireless mouse.😊
Ellen Story (9 months ago)
Think about this possibility... U.S. Russia, China allies... against European Union, UK, Canada (reason Canada put in restrictive crossing posts).....
When the Q post originally came out, Q was responding to the Anon with "Well done" because the Anon had identified the group as "Shadow Government." I don't know why the "Shadow Government" words have been removed from the post!!! Very strange!
Ellen Story (9 months ago)
Total doing business with Iran. My initial reaction is that they will probably back Iran in a war. France may back Iran if war comes. It's a tricky problem for them all.
Shred (9 months ago)
Lmao. I said "Schiff-pants" ~10 seconds before you said "little Adam Schiffy-pants" Great minds think alike... I guess... Love the vids. Keep em' coming. Btw lionel nation mentioned you in a q related discussion.
Ellen Story (9 months ago)
Public Library of Science. OpenAccess, where the pre 2007 sigle library went
LewisTolkienFan01 (9 months ago)
Awesome Mishel! :) You betcha! ;) we find ourselves in a fascinating conundrum! :) God Bless you!
Ellen Story (9 months ago)
11/11/2018 all added down to single digit number is a 6 . six is about Family. Family of Trump supporters come together to get a better government.
Ellen Story (9 months ago)
11 plus 11 equals 22. A master builder number in Numerology. when you add up all the ones together it's 4, which is a Foundation number the foundation to build on.
Ellen Story (9 months ago)
Tell a lie often enough and long enough and people will believe it.
Ellen Story (9 months ago)
These pictures corral in one place an entire set of treasonous, influential actors. they are Actively working against the lawfully sitting President. they are a very active in trying to overthrow the lawful government.
Ellen Story (9 months ago)
Sedition. Treason.
Sheliasurges Surges (9 months ago)
What if 11/11 was on purpose to make a statement to the evil. Power, military, war. We win in the end.
Gil Bolden (9 months ago)
If Yahshua refers to the modern day Jews as "The Synagogue Of Satan" are they the real Jewry? I say no! Reason why is they only became jews in 711AD! So who are the real Jewry that have been spread throughout the world that YAH is going to gather and bring back to their land???
Gil Bolden (9 months ago)
Is their queen Hillary Clinton?
HENRY WALKER (9 months ago)
janet manning (9 months ago)
Your so cute Thank you for your work
Awake Alex (9 months ago)
I love your decodes & how you put your response online with the Q post. Do you have the files you review accessible online anywhere?
paula shene (9 months ago)
my browser crashed while listening to you and took you out of my lineup...
paula shene (9 months ago)
maybe means the alphabet orgs
lynne adams (9 months ago)
I love your sense of humour!
chip63us (9 months ago)
let me tell you iworked the polls yesterday and the democratic voters commented numerous times about rhe dems. ballot being sparse on any choices, central pa. they don't even have people to run
miguel solo (9 months ago)
Plain to see that this National Security Action  is just another globalist imperialist NWOsatanic pack of leftist commie anti freedom anti truth pack of venomous vipers,did I mention they might be bad people? Thank you for pointing that  out good lady.
Rockin Robbie (9 months ago)
I do not think Kerry is a human. I you watch his tongue and eye movements you will see the behaviors of a lizard. I think he is a reptilian hybrid. As a reptililian he should be put in a cage with a rabid mongoose. We could then bet on the outcome. My money is on the mongoose.
dan noyes (9 months ago)
Remember, Bill Ayer's father was also CEO of Commonwealth Edison; and, Frank Clark,current CEO of Commonwealth Edison, is a major backer? Coincidence?? Must be a huge source of their funding.
clara merchant (9 months ago)
Conundrum! lol
clara merchant (9 months ago)
When evil people like Carey and Pelosi say the words " I pray" Im surprised their tongues don't explode in flames
Michele Proano Kressin (9 months ago)
I understand that ANYTHING NOT Christian is viewed in a negative way, here. Occult means "hidden knowledge" in either Greek or Latin, but the Church has given that word a negative undertone. 11/11 is actually an Angel Number that means "Great AWAKENING" Numerology is actually a science, not the work of Dark Forces. I know you have had your own experience that informs you, but so do many others where these things mean something entirely positive. As someone who was raised to follow Christ, I understand why many are taught to fear anything that is not specifically Christian. But, I really think that is the tool the Cabal uses so that people will not question The System and so that people will not look at other Great Truths.
Michele Proano Kressin (9 months ago)
sam sam Yes we live in a Universe governed by Polarity, so there will always be a choice to do good with information or use it as a weapon.
sam sam (9 months ago)
Michele Beltran: Interesting point, thank you for sharing. I agree. We have to watch out not to fall for the same traps by finding out. Christianity is a good religion but also it has had it dark side. Think about the witches. They had great knowledge and for a so called Christ they had to burn... We have to be aware that everything can be used for legitimation to destroy another belief.
Dr. Michael Bennett (9 months ago)
Could sigle be referencing special interest groups and law enforcement?
Small Town (9 months ago)
Upside down world. Nothing new.
Cindy alpaca mom (9 months ago)
Your one of my favorite alt hosts thank you!
Elmar Sperber (9 months ago)
can´t wait for the part II: MAY 13th MASSIVE Q-DROP DECODE- CRITICAL INFO PART...!
Regina Gabilondo (9 months ago)
Pickle is also when a baseball player is in between bases when both bases are tossing ball back and forth. Got that from Craig and Jordan.
Regina Gabilondo (9 months ago)
I didn't think it was me because he has sold his soul to Satan.
PeaceLoveHarmony82 (9 months ago)
They've got themselves in/in to a pickle!
Mr.Everyman (9 months ago)
Mishelle look at the time stamps on the "well done Anon" with the national security action screenshot versus Q's post with the link, the screenshot came BEFORE the link......
wade coleman (9 months ago)
Number 11 - "…11 is considered by Cabalists to be a number of evil signification in that it indicates by its very form a lie, that is, two Monads. This clear impossibility can only be the result of an illusion based on reflection." – The Arabic Parts in Astrology, Robert Zoller. If you like numbers check out Sepher Sapphires on Amazon
Marsha McCarn (9 months ago)
Oh, how I do love being on the Winning QTEAM😀WOOHOO MAGA including California. We continue to trust The Plan⚡🇺🇸🎉MEGA Making Earth Greater Also QRAAH
Thank you, Mishel!
clara merchant (9 months ago)
Who in the world do these people think they are? They should all be arrested for sedition
regal pingüino (9 months ago)
11.11.2018 2+1+8=11 11.11.11 11+11+11= 33
Carol Davidson (9 months ago)
I don't know how to link stuff, but I found the video about Macron." MACRON SALUTES THE SHEEPLE FLASHING HORNS AT THE WHITE HOUSE!" you can look it up there. Hope it helps
William Youngren (9 months ago)
In the US we have localVet Days parades every year and have not had one nationally in a long time. If we are at peace at that time it will be a great day to have one. I do not read sinister in it at all. The Dems will be powerless by then.
B B (9 months ago)
Thank you for talking about Loop. Corsi said skip over it and that’s when I started having red flags about him. You’re a true detective!
Karl Knapstein (9 months ago)
Buy stock in depends? I love it;)
CaptBunnykiller (9 months ago)
It's not the first or last time they will call evil good. They were burning witches for centuries and called it a divine mission. These times come and go. Every generation has to fight them.
dlwatib (9 months ago)
Don't be too upset about 11/11. What most evangelicals are never told and never seem to get on their own is that the evil one cannot lay exclusive claim to any symbolism. Symbols can mean many things, sometimes even simultaneously. Certainly as an evil or unlucky number, 13 beats out 11 hands down, but because of the 13 original colonies, there is 13 symbolism all over Washington DC. If there was truly something inherently evil in certain numbers, our nation would have died a tragic early death already. In the early days of Christianity, Christians would deliberately take over pagan sites, sanctify them and use them to build churches for the glory of God. They did the same with pagan holidays and other pagan symbols such as the yule tree, the yule log and the Easter egg. Most of the symbols of Christianity had already been in use before, including the cross. The cross, in fact, was originally a powerful symbol for evil, equivalent to today's electric chair or hangman's noose. But Jesus conquered even the death of criminal execution and turned the cross into a symbol of triumph. Foolish evangelicals are still castigating Catholics for using "pagan" symbols that the early church long ago converted to Christianity, not recognizing the original motivation for doing so. It wasn't to "paganize" Christianity, just the opposite. It was to show that Christ had conquered all, including everything pagan.
Manolis Gledsodakis (9 months ago)
"En guarde" is what they say before a swordfight. I think you misspelt Rothschilds (omitted the first "s").
bls454 (9 months ago)
It is moving slow because imagine the consequences if they rush and get it wrong..They will only get one chance.
Christine Gower (9 months ago)
11.11 is also Remembrance Day in UK. ALSO in angelic numbers 11 is a number of new beginnings.
Karl Knapstein (9 months ago)
If your going to stick your thumb in Lucifer's minions eyes then why not 11/11?
Gail Fay (9 months ago)
@Mishel - Have you tried using Cntrl + (at the same time) to enlarge your screen? You shouldn't lose your place using CONTROL PLUS keys. Repeat to keep making bigger. CNTRL - (Control Minus) will make it smaller. I hope this helps.
Nihilistic Nut (9 months ago)
Thanks Mishel.
K (9 months ago)
In November and December Q ASSURED us that Trump was going to use the Military to arrest the corrupt and would hold Military Tribunals to prosecute them. Q said it would take TOO long to prosecute through our court system. They said it would CLOG the judicial system. NOW 6 months later, we are being told by Q, we have to wait for the corrupt judges to be changed out to prosecute the Cabal?? We are now being told that it will take another YEAR! WHAT!?!? This is Bull shit!!! Hell NO Q! What happened to using the Military to prosecute! I have backed Q through all the ups and downs, from the very beginning, through thick and thin! I even pushed back on the Alex J and Corsi drama. Now this? I feel as though I have been strung along for six months. It seems as though NOW, Q is setting the stage to string us along for ANOTHER YEAR?? As we watch Hilary, Obama and Kerry flying around the world, still up to their old tricks. Continuing to implement their evil plan to impeach Trump and RULE the world. Nothing has changed, the Kabal is still in power! When I saw the Q post this weekend, explaining how long it’s going to take to get honest judges in the court system and how Sessions had to clean out the DOJ/FBI first. The light 💡 went on in my brain, and I realized I’d been had! I’ve been told for six months by Q to ‘trust the plan!’ Well prosecuting the bad actors through the US Judicial system was NEVER the plan! The plan was to use MILITARY TRIBUNALS! Does ANYONE ELSE remember this? I’m done! I’m officially off the Q train! It’s exactly what many have been saying, It’s a distraction! How is Trump going to get any new judges after November? Democrats will be in charge! It’s wishful thinking that the Republicans will hold on to the majority! Once Democrats get control if they don’t impeach Trump, he will be a lame duck for the rest of his term. NOTHING WILL GET DONE! NO ARRESTS! Why is Q dragging this out for another year? Unless I see high level arrest and Military Tribunals soon, My patience with the ‘ Q Plan ‘ is over!
Karl Knapstein (9 months ago)
They key word is "secure" when you see it fight! We create our own security. Government takes it away...
Gail Fay (9 months ago)
Merkel also visited WH directly after Macron
Karl Knapstein (9 months ago)
I'm 58 , I was 8 when I sold something and made change for the customer. That's 50 years of helping this country work. I'm not going to let these socialist swine wreck any hope of my retirement. This pisses me off. Our young are being brain washed to stand in line and follow. They need to lead,to win. It's on.......
Sagans Run (9 months ago)
I hope Iran does reveal who got pay for play money and how much. The IRS will love to know this too.
Christine Gower (9 months ago)
National security action "global leadership" !!? That sounds very NWO.
Sagans Run (9 months ago)
No mouse? Get a wireless mouse. They use USB dongle to connect with mouse. About $20 +.. no wires... Works great.
Karl Knapstein (9 months ago)
Progressives, academics who don't know how to work and anti gun nuts. They suck....

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