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Caged until 'broken': life for Mumbai's prostitutes

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Girls as young as seven - forced into prostitution: some locked in tiny cages for months on end to stop them running away. This is the awful reality in Mumbai - one of Asia's biggest red light districts. Interview with Hazel Thompson: http://bit.ly/1lYfnYd Subscribe to Channel 4 News: http://bit.ly/1sF6pOJ Sign up for Snowmail, your daily preview of what is on Channel 4 News, sent straight to your inbox, here: http://mailing.channel4.com/public/snowmail/remotebox.jsp Missed Channel 4 News? Catch up on the last seven days here: http://www.channel4.com/news/catch-up/ Channel 4 News weather forecast, with Liam Dutton: http://www.channel4.com/weather/ All the latest blog posts from the Channel 4 News on-screen talent: http://blogs.channel4.com/news/
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Text Comments (6367)
Yhu Nmhe (8 minutes ago)
This is funny and hilarious. Indian from India are submissive here in America. While wanting to see a doctor woman doesn't talk only man talk to the doctor. Indian men from India has more power.
Kikkroxx777 SlyBoogz (39 minutes ago)
Taunter Atwill (1 hour ago)
The police in India are the biggest pimps, the whole country is rotten and corrupted to the core!
Ilhaam Hartley (3 hours ago)
Animals. ..even animals will not do thus to their own kind...monsters
Alisha Damba (4 hours ago)
I pray that Jesus can change this situation...only prayer can help.. Lord Jesus i pray to u that things can change for all people over the world suffering with this problem. I ask u Lord to take control and save this nation. Lord as you r the creator pls have mercy
princessc1986 (5 hours ago)
I would pay this girl's debt if I thought she could go home
Rohit Ray (6 hours ago)
Farrakhan Wolcott (9 hours ago)
And according to Feminists America is the worst place to be a female. . .
Nerdy Tyrd (11 hours ago)
India truly is a filthy disgusting shithole.
Cruz montel (17 hours ago)
Why post her in social media help her out of the miserable life....you using the sad situation to get money likes and comments..and even showing her face to the world ...what a cruel world..this hurts me so much. This is too inhuman.post a vid of you after helping her .....this seems to me like you advertising prostitution.. ..you ruined my entire year.
stmoloud (19 hours ago)
Women exploiting women. Hooray the feminist sisterhood.
Kinana Al Rabi (22 hours ago)
While the indian, hindustani, tamilians actors and actress are so busy making movies...about love and stupidity...they missed to see this...that is why, i dont watch indian movies!
Becky Dahm (22 hours ago)
Sad sad ..men r so disgusting
Sinthura Binootoops (1 day ago)
How much does she owe? Does a small donation make a difference???
Mahdokt Walter (1 day ago)
Poor poor women poor poor men. Lost rotten no morality so sad what humanity is becoming.
Afreen Zaynab (1 day ago)
In a country where women consider women as form of goddesses ,I fail to understand how countries can be treated as animals ...
Alex MacKenzie (1 day ago)
What a disgusting country to have to live in.
Jaswinder Singh (1 day ago)
This is the izzit of my country and we are talking about war with Pakistan. Finish this war first
Hassan Khan (1 day ago)
Louis Daniel Armstrong should have seen this part of the world
519 Forestmonk (2 days ago)
Offers no way out? I think she was hoping that you might have been her way out. The world would be better off without humans
Kirsten Evans (2 days ago)
Exploitation at its finest.
Nvi Singh (2 days ago)
India is GREAT😢😴
infinity buzz (2 days ago)
Western feminazis and all feminists in the world doing pussyriot they don't have time to save these girls
クピ ン (2 days ago)
Men are trash
Tumbleweed UK (3 days ago)
Just in case you don’t know, this happens in England as well, with generational Satanic Ritual Abuse, starting with babies, caged, tortured, gang raped and constantly pregnant from the age of nine. Cognitive dissonance makes you move on and forget when you do hear about it. The British probably taught the Indians how to abuse children and create slaves but having said that I would not allow any men from countries with these vile attitudes to women, into this country, I would only allow women and children, and the men already here should be required to attend lessons on our culture and pass exams. I live in an area with many Muslim men because of a mosque and although many follow our culture of smiling and saying hello to my dog, the majority glare at me with a look which says ‘what are you doing walking alone”. In Saudi Arabia there is now an App for men to track and stalk their wives. Women have worked hard and bravely to change attitudes in this country and the evil is at least not legal and is confined to a sick minority but we do not need to add to it. The Indian Government has the money for a space programme and a huge army, they could raid and close down this area and rescue the girls in one night with a serious military operation. Why don’t they? Because the British gave them our political and justice system which is created by paeophiles to protect paedophiles, just look at Theresa May’s ridiculous child abuse Inquiry designed to attract and remove abuse survivors with evidence against the “Elite” paedophiles. We need to vote with our feet and not visit or trade with these countries, become more self sufficient and clean up our own act by banning freemasonry in Politics and everywhere else. Democracy is a nice dream but like that poor Indian prostitute “I do have a dream of democracy and a world without paedophilia and domination of women but that won’t come true”. Her dream could have come true Channel 4, you know who she is. I challenge you, rescue her, I’ll buy a TV to watch that! The only politician in the world making a serious effort to clean up child trafficking worldwide is President of the United States Donald Trump, and it was his aim long before he became President. Google “magapill.com” President Donald J. Trump’s Accomplishment List: You will not hear this on Channel 4 or anywhere else. Also consider watching “The Plan to Save the World” on UTUBE. We cannot sit in our comfy chairs watching Simon Cowell for ever, pretending we live in a nice safe country and it doesn’t affect us, because look at the sky, look for the bees and insects. Our world is being destroyed faster than we can save it, particularly if we don’t even acknowledge it needs saving. Q The Plan to Save the World MAGA WWG1WGA
sydmmr1985 (3 days ago)
Tragic, disgusting.
Old Teenager (3 days ago)
Only if I were granted with superman power...
renge9909 (1 day ago)
Avdhesh Tondak (3 days ago)
Shame on us? No. That would be an understatement.
saez waters (3 days ago)
That's how it should be in America #fuckmetoo
Stuti Verma (3 days ago)
Humans are the worst breed god created.:(
Quete Importa (3 days ago)
Where are the Politicians and the strong laws to protect the rights and innocent lives of our youth and children? Its time to lock-up these animals who prey on our innocent children. Its time rid away evil. God bless our children. 👼
Kelvin King (3 days ago)
People think that it is easy to eradicate prostitution. How naive! This is deeply rooted. It is rooted in religion, business, entertainment, education, science and technology, politics......name it, and it is connected to this vicious evil. It cannot be removed. No hope. The destruction of the whole earth is the only solution and it is going to happen. We are not too far from total annihilation.
Stephanie Fang (3 days ago)
John Carter (4 days ago)
This is the kind of life that should never exist
Zaid Malik (4 days ago)
Reality of this country! No one talks about this... This is very sad how a woman is sold in the streets by these dogs... And everyone is aware of this......
S. Green (4 days ago)
So being a taxi driver is like a really good job there....
Phantom Exploration (4 days ago)
they should of payed her debt and taken her home. instead they just leave her there.
Though I am half Canadian and Filipino national, I will fly and behead all those fuckers once they are Philippine rule
noreen akhtar (4 days ago)
These all girls should stand against them and fight as a one unit... Unity is the solution of their problem May God help them 🙏
Phynechina (5 days ago)
Indians have little penises
Kenneth Adams (5 days ago)
I hope someone go there and kill ever last one of those that do that to those poor girls! God's judgement will be just!
Ethio Man (5 days ago)
and there is a government in india???
Truth Hurts (5 days ago)
india the Land of uncontrolled population and corruption!
If they are there why don't they help her by giving some money or taking her to a safe place?
jessie james (5 days ago)
scum of the earth those men...poor children and women
srinibash ghadai (5 days ago)
We should line them up every men,women and children related to this industry put a bullet in their head.These bastards making this world dirty
Abdi Sh Gaab (6 days ago)
The most inhuman, most dishonest and criminal minded bunch in this world are Arabs, Indian & Nigerians. I ain’t got No love for Indians thou.
Cr G (6 days ago)
Honestly, the solution to most of the world´s problems would be mass sterilization.
Scott G (6 days ago)
Build the wall.
Sadie Moreno (7 days ago)
I mean we have women posing as feminist for the wrong reasons on social platforms like twitter,yet other women somewhere in this world is in dire need of help for someone to speak up and help them. .Therefore in a situation such as this, women all around the world, all these feminist should stand up and help,do something to help these women.I feel hurt seeing this.Such a cruel, animistic and sadist world we live in
Sadie Moreno (7 days ago)
I mean we have women posing as feminist for the wrong reasons on social platforms like twitter,yet other women somewhere in this world is in dire need of help for someone to speak up and help them. .Therefore in a situation such as this, women all around the world, all these feminist should stand up and help,do something to help these women.I feel hurt seeing this.Such a cruel, animistic and sadist world we live in
Heaven (7 days ago)
I've always wondered about the inequalities and disparities in the world. Forgive my understanding but I hugely believe that one reaps what one has sown. Previous life and karma has a lot to do with the present life. In the same land where you have the greatest saints and the crux of spiritual wisdom, how else can this be justified? Money and desire is the root cause of all suffering. How does one even begin to explain surrender to someone in these people's shoes. They are in such a terrible situation. In the universe everything works on perfect equilibrium. It is so important to be a good human being in the current lifetime.
renge9909 (1 day ago)
I think many people thought about the inequalities and disparities of the world and tried to find an explanation. Rebirth and the wheel of karma is one thing they came up with. Of course, this leads to the thought of 'Oh well, they probably deserved it based on karma, previous life, etc' which makes us feel less bad, and less inclined to help.
Scootchie and Boo (8 days ago)
Barbaric. Whenever I bring these issues up Im told im racists because its cultural
Yvette Jones (8 days ago)
SO YOU WENT IN THERE TO GET A RARE LOOK AT THESE YOUNG WOMEN BUT YOU DIDN'T RETURN WITH HELP OF ANY KIND. Unbelievable! Now you receive your nice paycheck based on this story and get to go back to your safe home.
*Devestating!* *These countries are heinous!* *That female could've been kidnapped herself!* *Women,we get it. You want to do the hard stories like men,but putting yourself in harm's way isn't worth the pay you receive!*
US Constitution Rules (8 days ago)
Mary Ford (8 days ago)
That’s why God will cleanse this country
FetalJuice88 (8 days ago)
ahhh the land of enlightenment
Miriam Vashti (8 days ago)
There’s way to much *evil* happening back home in India. God Bless my Beautiful country India 🙏🏼
Miriam Vashti (8 days ago)
You and your brother shouldn’t have had to pay anything Beautiful princess 🕯
missing Link (9 days ago)
india the armpit of the world!!
sneijder023 (9 days ago)
Inians everyone
sierra lion (9 days ago)
irs scammers
Sad situation
William Ruiz (9 days ago)
Wrong title uncaged smacking prosititutes the life of poor Mumbai johns👸✋🏃😄
Guided Hand (10 days ago)
She's so beautiful, please pray for these girls.
trevor byron (10 days ago)
It's a brutal industry. But in a failed economy, the only other way to make money, is to beg & hope someone's gonna feel sorry for you. What an arduous trap to be in...god be with them
Mark2018 M (10 days ago)
firstly indian goverment also seem very corrupt instead of freeing such poor gals they turn a blind eye actually its simple executed the kidnappers and rapist and child rapist so long that particular state or place here is clean offical the gals will be safed all we need is savior to rescue them i guess those ngos those video them can do something not just make article or video about them its really sad and boiling to see them such state
Tripura Prakash (10 days ago)
Hey gender activist truptidesai wake up,fight for this innocent girls and prove ur talent not on temples gender activities
Diego Pena (11 days ago)
The woman owner of the brothel selling other women and the prostitute hitting me should be in jail
Diego Pena (11 days ago)
One more reason not to go to India, prostitutes hit clients
Diego Pena (11 days ago)
It is not good girls abusing men and hitting them, and its another women who is selling them
I'm Living Your Life (11 days ago)
It's sad and devastating to think how some humans treat other humans on this planet. God is watching and the punishment for mistreating and abusing children is so great that I shut her even to think what will happen to those people once they're dead. I am so grateful and glad that I have Jesus on my side. The men and women inside those disgusting nasty buildings should all be gathered up taking to the Rooftop enthroned the six stories down to the slimy polluted Street. That's an easier punishment than what waits for them once they're dead
Diego Pena (11 days ago)
Not any stories about the life of the men worker sewers?
nishit kumar (11 days ago)
So painful
nitin ss (11 days ago)
*India is a land of CULTURE* how many brutal stabbings do these pimps need for sticking goddess posters on those horrible locked cages?
Chris D (11 days ago)
If you don’t think this happens in the US you’re crazy. Replace the brothel owner with some black dude in an Escalade.
usha rao (11 days ago)
its high time we have to fight
Mike Jones (11 days ago)
Did they say 50 million . women and children .thats five times the number 400years ago in America with slavery sad it's 2019 that many people .makes America look good .😣
Naye2Shy (11 days ago)
Disappointing they did that to that beautiful young girl
Ms. Vee (11 days ago)
This makes my stomach turn!! Poor girls💔
Global Entertainment (12 days ago)
Cow are safe in India but not women 🤔
sher Ly (12 days ago)
Money is the root of evil
Rooh Daar (12 days ago)
Shame on our police and government.
Joynal Miah (12 days ago)
Indian men are fucking disgusting, no wonder it’s rape capital of the world.
Dines Patak (12 days ago)
Oh lest we forget, pedophilia is not a crime in muzzie shitlands. It is sanctioned.
Dines Patak (12 days ago)
Try mid eastern shitlands where rape cannot be even reported because a woman will need 8 female or 4 male witnesses else she can be stoned to death
New Beginnings (12 days ago)
Where the feminists at? XD India is disgusting. F***ing rapists. The lot of them!
Ricks Ramnarine (12 days ago)
What a shame shame on Indian shame on the pimps total shame my belly boils for these girls may the almighty forgive and guide them what sin are they paying for
Pooja Joshi (13 days ago)
I don’t know how to help them to pay their debt? How can we help?
Wendi Watson (13 days ago)
She got coned . How awful. Yeah, how could she trust people. Her precious innocense gone. 😦🤤
Wendi Watson (13 days ago)
My 💔 breaks for them. she hurts the guys because thats what shes shown too. 🤤😔😢 All the girls need to be rescued.
1vengeful Heart (13 days ago)
This is NOT a personal judgement.. I include myself in what I am saying... We all express such indignation and sorrow for all these girls... (. And, trust me, they didn’t film the really young babies that they use )... But what in the world can we do for these people? What?
rancid pitts (13 days ago)
Women in first world countries think that they are Oppressed, they are willfully ignorant of how many opportunities and freedoms they actually have. In many third world countries it is believed that the only function women have is to produce children and keep the house running. Slavery by any name is alive and well in much of the world, and women are the most subjected.
nerungo (13 days ago)
Happen to karma? B.S. in the end. the creator of all will bring justice. As he created the body to feel pain so your soul will feel when it's cast out in the eternal fire. He will spare those that accepted His son Jesus as pardon. Yet if don't know him but you were merciful so the Lord will be with you.
Minjee Kim (14 days ago)
Sad. Wtf is the prime minister of India doing? These issues should be raised.
Makelle B (14 days ago)
If I was that reporter, I would have paid off of Gudi's loan immediately!
B Tillie (14 days ago)
This is so sad :( I complain so much but I’m so blessed compared to these poor women. God please help them 😭
Smelly DOnut (14 days ago)
Feminists arguing about petty magazines and fashions shows should rlly be here and actually help these women who are being abused and exploited
steve jones (14 days ago)
DEATH is better for these woman at least that way the trafficers wont make any money off of them.
ok (15 days ago)
Did it feel good though?
A J (15 days ago)
This made me cry.

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