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So I finally bought something on the item shop again.. (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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Fortnite Battle Royale - So I bought something on the item shop again.. (Fortnite Battle Royale) ! :D ► My FORTNITE Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3sWQoXgyHA8wk4c7g-q5Eqe6JGcdT-MD ►Subscribe + Turn on Notifs for more Fortnite videos :D I HOPE YOU ENJOYED! Remember to Subscribe if you do! 1 like = 1 llama goodluck no meme no lie ▕ ----- CHECK THIS OUT! -----▕ ► Today’s FORTNITE Video : So I bought something on the item shop again.. (Fortnite Battle Royale) ► BANGER FORTNITE IRL VIDEO! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvPDlBOpuCQ&list=PL3sWQoXgyHA8wk4c7g-q5Eqe6JGcdT-MD&index=4&t=250s GO BUY A GAMING CHAIR and SUPPORT OPSEAT - https://opseat.com/landon ▕ ----- FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA -----▕ ● TWITTER - https://twitter.com/LandonSN ● INSTAGRAM - https://Instagram.com/LandonMC_RB ● TWITCH - https://twitch.tv/landonmc ▕ ----- MY OTHER GAMING CHANNEL! -----▕ ● http://www.youtube.com/LandonRB Let me know what you think of this video! Hope you enjoy! Comment If youre new to the channel I would love to welcome you! (pg family friendly fortnite gameplay by landon)
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Text Comments (13681)
Landon (1 month ago)
100k likes for a fortnite diss track >:D
Rhea Sridhar (7 days ago)
Landon ng
WA Jordan (15 days ago)
Bootleg tfue
Tyler Abbott (20 days ago)
Landon I made you my create a supporter but, I don’t have Twitter. And I also lost all my vbucks cause my nephew spent them. No brainiac for me 💔
SASU KE (22 days ago)
Lmao..you suck at fortnite..so it means you suck DICK!!!!
U NKNOWN (1 month ago)
Mr. Ak27 (3 hours ago)
Hlo Bro I wanna Talk with u can u
Raulboss 1234 (1 day ago)
Can I have vbucks because I’m a default and I never hade a skin
Sypxx (2 days ago)
I'm a default, lvl 5, nothing bought. what's wrong with that?
Jacob Schmitt (2 days ago)
Haha look at that big freaking default
Alex Quin (3 days ago)
Rebecca Hoedema (4 days ago)
TSM Moodi (5 days ago)
Stop trolling in Fortnite pls becase my because my brother always says let’s play playground then he is trolling me pls!!!!
Losing Piano0397 (5 days ago)
Stop complaining about being a default You’re just not used to being a default try to be a default for once
Prestyn Williams (6 days ago)
Gamer Vlogs (7 days ago)
well when life gives you lemons
EliteHunterXXX (7 days ago)
Kevin Waylee (7 days ago)
Buy stuff please
Smile Plz (8 days ago)
Ali Grace (8 days ago)
Landon can u get me my first win on fortnite my account it’s Haya_Hamida thx Landon love u <3
Daniel Askebris (9 days ago)
you fakin noob
saravanan jeeva (9 days ago)
Are u the one who helped to pokemon brick bronze Landon
Harold Johnson (9 days ago)
Umm excuse me.. You bought vbucks and you said, I will never buy anything else from the item shop, like wtf you spent your money for nothin. So can I have them?
Paul Dunn (9 days ago)
Buy something from item shop plz
Mr. Nugget (9 days ago)
Plz buy
Mr Top 4 (10 days ago)
Moof_goof (10 days ago)
You’ve got to be killing me!!
I hate you
Simom Zaidan (16 days ago)
# defaul5s have life's too
David with Foz (18 days ago)
True has no skin
Football Freestyler (19 days ago)
Buy the dark bomber dickhead
Itz x Hallow (19 days ago)
Lol I was expecting in the comments “y u copy tfue poopoohead”
Ak93ghost X (19 days ago)
Why he get banned
Hyperz (20 days ago)
You should've blurred out the skin in the thumbnail a little bit more we can still see it
Damian McLean (20 days ago)
Last match this kid dident even drink his big pot such a scrub
Gamechangers 3756 (21 days ago)
Buy something else
SASU KE (22 days ago)
Peder Gjersoyen (22 days ago)
Can y’all help me get to 100 subs
I will sub to who subs to me
Mopsy Gamer (23 days ago)
Hi plz comment back
Emily tremayne payne (23 days ago)
Ah haa look at that guy look at that big freaken default SOS I had to no hate I love u
Tristan Fleury (24 days ago)
are you ganna have your accout back if not wast of money
George Khaee (24 days ago)
And my name is kgeorge101
George Khaee (24 days ago)
Can I get the Venus’s
abdullah ali (24 days ago)
I need some v bucks please
callum games (24 days ago)
You done duo's no fill in staid of solo
The Tomarata hunters ! (24 days ago)
I’m going to stop watching you Landon if you don’t get a skin I’m sick of looking at a defolt
Kugo Future (24 days ago)
Buy A Skin
ijustgothacked TDM (24 days ago)
its ok youre still very good
Tucker Greenwood (25 days ago)
you are not a default
Lia B MORLEY (25 days ago)
Who else misses How Landon use to play ROBLOX 😭
Clash Godz (25 days ago)
Dude low key he mad cuz he gets banned for modded skins lol and he mad at epic
Lara Green (25 days ago)
I have 2000 vbucks because I spent 800 of them so now I’m saving for something good but you have a lot you should buy at least one skin and a picaxe
Waterfall :D (25 days ago)
Fea3 Less (26 days ago)
Plz some one get me v bucks I don't have any skins
Thibaut Peiffer (26 days ago)
ey Landon prove me you read skins
Derpy Titan (26 days ago)
U literally just said you would be a default flaker unsubed
Henry vargas (27 days ago)
Cole Mcglinchey (28 days ago)
We get it your RICH
Daniel CHANDEL (28 days ago)
100k like’s
Daniel CHANDEL (28 days ago)
DXL CYPHER (29 days ago)
Landon just buy stuff youve already bought the vbucks so your nothing like tfue he doesnt buy stuff because he try’d to buy an account for cool skins
Don't Even (29 days ago)
You awesome
TDMX PW PW (30 days ago)
I’ve got tons of skins if u don’t get any more skins I will give u won
-Kamil Gacha- (30 days ago)
How do you thank the bus driver?
Racks ent Savage (30 days ago)
i made all the way to the end of the viedeo 1 like=1 prayer for dark bomber
Ronaldo Najera (30 days ago)
If you really read comments shout out my YouTube channel on your next video plzzzz💕 @SaucyTogether
Fortnite_ God_Yt (30 days ago)
The people that are ur freinds rip I feel bad for u!
Shantell Parks (1 month ago)
Defaults are not all that bad but it does suck when you get called names and get laughed at cause of it by others.
Zack Wagner Nottberg (1 month ago)
Sara Hahn (1 month ago)
Can I have some vbucks
Addy Harrison (1 month ago)
But something else
Leonlight07 (1 month ago)
Do a if you win you buy the battle pass if you lose you don’t buy it
EchoeGaming (1 month ago)
Hey Landon. If u read all your comments plz answer this. I would day I'm a decent YouTuber, a decent player, and a decent person. How come I don't get as many views or subs and how can I improve?
Michael Harrod (1 month ago)
say hi to me landon
Manny Robinson (1 month ago)
Landon please make a disstrack
Samurai (1 month ago)
no offence but you are copying tfue
Nadir Zaman (1 month ago)
Please buy something
Nathan Taylor (1 month ago)
And I don't care so you don't care and it will be good
Nathan Taylor (1 month ago)
I have a default
Cougar66rules (1 month ago)
#Default lives matter Do not bully defaults
King (1 month ago)
Surya Palanisamy (1 month ago)
wild killer (1 month ago)
Landon u dum dum your getting into you huge dept because of this game bro chill and don't throw away your money away save that stuff and put it into safe investments channels die bro but you don't have to starve yourself in the future because of it
Vihvd Designs (1 month ago)
abbass naim (1 month ago)
Landon buy fomthing else
cooper mckay (1 month ago)
Fortnite PS4 (1 month ago)
If Landon reads this he will pin it
Ross Galettis (1 month ago)
Can I hit 3 likes
Isaac Sharp (1 month ago)
Landon plz buy a skin
STL Thunder (1 month ago)
Landon I know u don’t read them all. Prove me wrong
Aimie Cruz (1 month ago)
I have bin a sub for soooooooooooooooooooo loog btw
Sebastian Castaneda (1 month ago)
#defaults are people to!!!
ahmed samir (1 month ago)
Noooooo buy a skin....😢
lex baker (1 month ago)
pin this comment because I don’t believe you
Joseph Cabrera (1 month ago)
If you read your comments Landon pin this comment (its a dare)
hope kray (1 month ago)
buy something else that is actually cool
American Girl World (1 month ago)
Aaaaaaaaaaaa look at that default (jk I’m kidding)
Dirkidur YT (1 month ago)
Buy skull trooper
Maha Alouri (1 month ago)
You have tons of v bucks by the battle pass

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