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Is Fascism Back In Fashion? - Russell Brand & Yuval Noah Harari

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Russell Brand discusses why people might be drawn to fascism - a clip from Under The Skin with Yuval Noah Harari (Ep #049 - Our Are Children AI Slaves?) You can listen to the entire podcast episode on iTunes, Spotify or here: https://www.russellbrand.com/podcast/049-yuval-noah-harari-children-ai-slaves/ Subscribe to my channel here: http://tinyurl.com/opragcg Unf*ck Yourself From The Modern World with my new book Recovery Get it here in US: http://tinyurl.com/ydcwz3kd Australia: https://t.co/Ri1XSonD2X UK: http://tinyurl.com/ycs8gu6b Produced & edited by Jenny May Finn (@JennyMayFinn) Music: Oliver Cadman Graphic: Gareth Jones
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Text Comments (1434)
dan taylor (21 hours ago)
Waste of 9 minutes the answer is yes, go outside see it for yourself.
Charlie Bunt (1 day ago)
Brand is just arguing for points and has no clue. He comes across as a total idiot with no care
Matthew Schuster (1 day ago)
End the vilification of Trump supporters and end the attack on whites as best means to bring on the Fascism to come is a system in place (as now, thanks to Democratic President Obama on December 31, 2011 gave the citizenry inability to be safe from a Hard right authoritarian, now we have criminal reform to give final part of means to create mass extermination of native tribal nations of Americans the racist calls native or Indian and then also African American poor and the poor white for unity) taken and brought forth with a welcoming to those losing power (more the illusion of ever having power by forgetting the history of class, unions, American socialism, Marxism, Civil war, poor whites in the south, Anarchy, etc); as, whites hurt in a middle class tradition weakened to broken, as all those feeling like the worst are up lifted by the one they see as a father who will keep them safe, make them feel special and awesome, and take from the weaker hated more powerless minority group. The enemy of a loved emotional leader, is seen not caring, for their humanity stripped away. Made criminal is ways of which worst attitudes grow into moral decay. Moral decay starts when morality is never relative or non existing, culture is superior as fact justifying lost humanity and pride in cruelty, as morals twisting is done using fear. The psychopaths using fear, looking strong, is moral cause that people who support the state and a single party for the state and private owner of nations fate, in getting rid of those no different in being a kind loving human being, is An Antichrist God of illusion to rational people that simply vanish.
What the fuck????
Done from Ella Marina (2 days ago)
I luv his accent!😂
Civisme Secret (2 days ago)
Well the obvious reason why there’s a bunch of right wings slagging of the left and calling them fascist is because they’re fascist themselves and we’re attracted to the title of it coming into fashion
odinsmeadhorn (3 days ago)
Yes, and it's about damn time... I kid, I kid!
jon hamm (3 days ago)
Hitler was the greatest leader of the past 500 years. One reason he obtained to Time magazine cover in the 1930's was for his economic miracle- turning Germany around after thorough collapse by jewish Marxists in the Weimar republic. His greatness is being rediscovered and appreciated. An artist-wanderer turned messiah- a real life story every bit as good as Ridley Scott's "Gladiator" #TGSNT
shadfurman (4 days ago)
Fascism is authoritarian national socialism. Bernie Saunders is fascist.
Troy Walker (6 days ago)
agreed, to demons, heaven is hell, and hell is heaven.
Troy Walker (6 days ago)
no. the exploited worker can always be replaced. thats why the rich create poverty, to keep the world full of whores and soldiers
Alex and the monsters (6 days ago)
interesting talk
Soren Johannesen (6 days ago)
John Soft (8 days ago)
Canada is totally in the grips of "corporate fascism".Trudeau is a fascist pig. Cheerio!
FoodieOnTour (9 days ago)
Russel, listen for once!
VALIANT JOKER (10 days ago)
Liber 8 (12 days ago)
Russell Brand = UTTER HYPOCRITE!!! Has a net worth of $15,000,000 but still tries to portray himself as 'one of the people' He talks about the ELITE without ever acknowledging that HE IS PART OF THE ELITE!!!
Harry Wolf (14 days ago)
Virtue signalling vs an opinion.
To get an idea of what the comments are like, just stick your head in a trash can 👌
Sidney Raboflatz (15 days ago)
Fascism was Left of Center, a competitor to Communism, that is why The USSR and Germany were such hated enemies. Mussolini was a Left leaning Fascist, joining with Hitler...
Mark Alan (15 days ago)
Kabbalistic Teachings are the original fascists!
Brian McEverybody (16 days ago)
The answer is yes, judging by the comments
mojopin 70 (16 days ago)
Political correctness is fascism pretending to be kind/manners.
REDDRAKON (16 days ago)
Hitler was very sincere but history is written by the winners.
oyvey (16 days ago)
the white man realises that fascism is the best system for the worker to organise in.
Thais Holt (16 days ago)
I’m surprised Russell isn’t making more excuses for mohammedan rape gangs:) That’s a favorite hobby of Russell’s. English people literally care more about the welfare of foxes and jihadis than their own children:)
Ziggy’s Revenge (17 days ago)
It’s back because people are seeing documentaries such as https://youtu.be/9ZBfEcQgULI Which provide factual evidence proving what we are taught in history books and at school are a lie, that both world wars were to benefit rich men and to create Wall Street and enable sweat shops and slavery to be continued while shutting down western industries... all our grandfathers and fellow countrymen caught against one another for NOTHING. We’re now seeing the affects of the wars and everything they fought to defend has been a lie also. Every country is screwed and the Elite banksters and so fourth benefit from our hard earned wages, where we can barely afford a thing and our kids are raised by the school system. we have no family interest and are forced to believe that multiculturalism is a good thing when it forces one culture to not express there’s and the other to push there’s in the others face... when really we are all diverse and need space. Our kids all turn out to be fuck ups, our food is over priced and taxes, fuel, healthcare, finance, the rise of homelessness is never ending. ‘the war on drugs’ ‘terrorism’ is a fucking global joke as we basically find all the terrorists or were once allies and stab them in the back, invade some poor fuckers country and bleed their country dry if all natural resources and just move on to the next beautiful country and destroy it all to find our vile system of filth. politicians do t give a shit and divide the people for 1 and make money and cause wars but don’t fight in them.. our countries are full of crime, murder, half the rich men who do run the world are weird demon worshippers or paedopholes... our whole system is fucking disgusting. and it was very different 70 years ago. I think people need to wake up to be honest, start doing some more research from both sides of the story before commenting and then realising that we’re stuck in the mud and aren’t progressing. They hide technologies that can clean our planet and give clean water to all, they force the people against one another and cause all wars which cause us to fight in the first place.. and you know what. WE THE PEOPLE NEVER WANT TO FIGHT ITS ALWAYS CAUSED BY SOMEONE RICH AND FAR FAR AWAY! Or they’re caused by past events which is like one big ricochet.
Feersumenjinn (17 days ago)
The curiosity for me is it appears the moderate left is increasingly being informed by its more radical elements, leftists often tacitly support their extremist brethren by not challenging extremist rhetoric in their ranks. The focus on fascism is odd considering how unpopular that idea is even within the political right. Nobody wishes to be associated with fascism especially right wingers who work to distance themselves selves from far right extremist ideology. Which of course is why it's such an easy trope for the left to use against them. Weaponised language is a standard leftist tactic of course name calling is common to both sides as we appear to become increasingly partisan across the west. The so called rise of the right across the west in my opinion is not a far right resurgence but a conservative one, as leftist orthodoxy has become mainstream espoused even by traditionally conservative political parties and the media at large the conservative members of society have to move further right for representation as a response to the rather more silly ideas of the left which is currently unchecked. The right wing unchecked descends into nationalist supremacist authoritarianism whereas the left unchecked descends into collectivist authoritarianism, neither of which is desirable and both of which have left a huge pile of corpses in their wake. This current pull to the right I believe to a corrective mechanism to bring society back to the centre ground unfortunately the media is primarily leftist ( in the UK at least ) so the narrative of the right is largely expunged, a dangerous trend forcing conservatives to look elsewhere to less responsible sources for representation. I recommend a return to the middle ground by challenging the leftist narratives and in time the right will take care of itself. Fascism isn't really the issue here for me but radical leftism is,as its refusal to appreciate that 50% of the population are likely to be temperamentally conservative is driving people to the right and with nowhere to go on the moderate right they end up in heading further right than may normally be the case. There was an interesting case I observed recently in the UK where a man attending a right wing political March was interviewed by the media expressed the view that although he wanted to see change he found the views of some on the march distasteful but he had nowhere else to go.
Bosh69 (17 days ago)
You guys need to bring in Ernest Becker's The Denial of Death to unify your ideas - we are in an existential search for meaning and vicarious immortality that makes overarching ideologies both religious and man made very attractive to us.
Warren Latham (18 days ago)
Too many confusing fascism and nazi ideology!
Warren Latham (18 days ago)
I think Hitler was laughing at the masses he used them all then attempted to destroy them!
Jilden Davs (18 days ago)
I'm a blue eyed blonde woman and have suffered because of this attitude towards us. Racism.
Jilden Davs (18 days ago)
Have a look at Secret Sources Illustrations watch the documentary that she recommends, she and nine others are fact checking this documentary. She is a retired police detective.
Graham Lyons (19 days ago)
Russell ought to shair some of his hair with Yuval.
terry knowles (19 days ago)
Q. WHAT IS FASCISM ?. the uk national curriculum n schools describes rightly nazi germany as an example. we all agree with that.. BUT it fails miserably to point out that as the Only type.. it fails to even mention soviet union laft wing fascism. .when as we all know Many many more millions died in left wing facisim thsn died in Germanys attempt at facisim.. freedom of thought without being hated and abused for having different opinions is democracy. shutting down others is itself fascist.
Joe OConnor (19 days ago)
UN globalist tyrannical policies spreading across the planet is creating the migration problem part of agenda 21 and 30
justgivemethetruth (19 days ago)
you are not powerful if you are exploited, that is a dumb statement. This is why abortion is illegal and we are programmed and ordered to have children or be looked at askance ... because we must have far too many workers exactly so that workers are not important, and they remain cheap and insecure.
John King (19 days ago)
Russell. Yes, Fascism is back in fashion. You don't think that simple-minded idiots claiming that people shouldn't vote could be anything to do with it. Do you?
grimble (20 days ago)
Yes it is. It has been on the rise since the Bill Clinton / Al Gore administration. Neo-fascism. The old emperor in new clothes. America is about to become a dictatorship. It affects the whole Western culture because America rule. They want to control the world.
anders damin (20 days ago)
Notice how when they speak of a person in general, they always make it a male. This is sexism.
Goose Green (21 days ago)
If antifa is anything to to by it would seem behaving like a fascist is all the rage at the moment
Tim Smith (21 days ago)
If Aldous Snow can't solve our modern dilemma, who can?
Garron Helm (21 days ago)
Is it fascist to highlight the fact you're becoming a minority in your homeland and your culture is being erased? #FuckCulturalMarxism Btw, Adolf Hitler wasn't a Fascist, he was a National Socialist.
G. Spencer Travers (22 days ago)
At about 2:29, Russell demonstrates what the axis of socialist evil actually is. To achieve Hitler's utopia of Aryan dominance, the wealth of those who had earned it- the jews- had to be expropriated and redistributed to those who had not- everyone complicit in the final solution- and this methodology is being extolled by Russell. I don't think I have ever been more disappointed in him.
Gilfoyle Shanks (22 days ago)
Who knew that so many actual Nazis watched russell brand
m s (22 days ago)
It is for the left pal .freedom of speach ? The harrassment and ultra quick jailing of Tommy robinson for stateing facts. How much pedaphillia can you stand ?
Adam Stevens (23 days ago)
Excellent point that Fascism is almost always portrayed as ugly and unambiguously evil in both entertainment and school-book history while failing to portray what was so compelling about it for the people involved. There is one piece of entertainment from the last couple of years that did a pretty good job with it, which was Woody Harrelson's character in War for Planet of the Apes. He was clearly dictatorial/fascist, but he was in a position that most people could empathize with to some degree.
trev moffatt (23 days ago)
Anti-Immigration and anti-free trade are not yet fascism. They could be heading toward that ballpark, but they could just mark a return to more paleo forms of conservatism. Which in some ways is worse, at least with fascism, you know what you're up against - you can fight it. And generally speaking it's a short term spasm. Whereas this new Old Conservative order might be around for a long time, might become a permanent fixture. Basically a slow but steady return to the 19th century. Which as I see it, is a by-product of three key developments - Firstly, the revival of more primitive forms of capitalism; secondly, the end of communism, and thirdly, the social engineering engendered by both Liberal and Conservative governments, which endeavoured to increase the size of the petty business class. The Petty Bourgeois being a key social group in terms of reactionary politics.
ANDRES Catella (24 days ago)
chester clarke (24 days ago)
the Nazis where/are bad, fascism isnt necessarily bad. one thing that has occurred to me is why did the Germans, where one of the nations most tolerant to Jews in Europe, resort to the ghettos and the holocaust after the great depression. I suspect the German people after falling fowl of the great depression caused by the New York stock exchange then fell fowl of Jewish money lending. you can call me racist but it makes sense. things arnet always black and white who the badies and the goodies are
Mack Mack (25 days ago)
We live under fascism now. Elitist liberalism is about as fascist as you can get. Outside of your upper class bubble Mr. Brand. Politicians are doing their level best to enrage and demean the already beleaguered British people.
Redshift (25 days ago)
Jurij Vukelic (25 days ago)
This bold guy is full of shit. The only way you get power is if you go out of grid and ignore false system. If you ignore it than they don't own you.
Elle A Libre (25 days ago)
Russell, are you morphing into Jim Carey?
Fascism can't be stopped untill people realize that fascism is a natural defence mechanism of herd animals that are under threat.
Tobe Jonsson (26 days ago)
fascism is all about the herd and the direction is pointed kind of like a mob
Tobe Jonsson (26 days ago)
is fascism back in fashion thank you so much for that headline most people don't realize the relationship between Fascism and fashion
clickaccept (26 days ago)
If Hitler had won the war, we'd have learnt a different history, and there would be laws preventing us from questioning it. oh, wait...
Jason Creamer (26 days ago)
If you listen to some Adolf Hitler speeches and disregard the context of his history they really do grip you in a very real way. This is a bit scary because who knows, if someone comes along again who is as determined and charismatic as Hitler I am certain they will easily grip the hearts of millions of the people who feel they have been tossed to the wayside of their society.
daveruda (26 days ago)
So Russel Brand is attracting Nazis and Fascists now? The comment section is like a septic tank. How the fuck did this happen!?
yeah, Brand seams to understand it much better, the thing is that fascism is answering real need and Hariari try to show it as some need for adoration which is something extraordinary in his explanation, but also according to this explanation liberalism is fascist as well, it is much much stronger fascism then what Hitler did in terms of satisfying and creating the need of adoration etc.
ross (27 days ago)
really loved Yuval's book (Sapiens) but I do find he is part of that "nothing really exists except things I like" approach which I really dislike. plus there's some well-veiled foisting of white guilt in that book in my opinion. Would love to see him do a long discussion with Jordan Peterson to see what they talked about inb4 Harari has no issue with ethnonationalist Israel though
DOITLIKETHIS (27 days ago)
I can't believe they are actually discussing what is attractive about facism. It is simple, if you go out of your way to not educate people and a long the way make sure they don't have ways to earn living. If the value of the money as is devalued as it did at the time Hitler came to power it is very easy to feed people glimmers of hope and change and make them believe that the ones that are not like them are the ones responsible as why their situation is a mess. So facism becomes their way out of the situation and that is why they support it
Jamie Rueffer (27 days ago)
Liberals sound like Fascists. They believe that they are right and beautiful and anyone else is ugly and wrong.
Ban Powel (27 days ago)
Islam is fascism...........sunnis being the most fascist.........12 muslim majority countries presently murder gays and other minorities, plus apostates. But russell dissagrees with that, making russell a fascist enabler.
Ban Powel (27 days ago)
The radical left are fascists, so you could say that fascism has being in fashion for awhile now.
Emyr Iranian (27 days ago)
Is this guy an Israelite ? 🇮🇱
Emyr Iranian (27 days ago)
Nobody is irrelevant for the elites, any individual is a consumer & subject to power Idiots
C Scott (27 days ago)
I dare anyone to ask the question , Are Antifa and all the far left slanderers , protesters , behaving like Fascist`s ? My answer is YES . Just like all true fascist`s , they believe , that because their reasons are righteous , they are justified in persecuting people that hold different views . Hypocrisy is the ruling attitude now , and far left fascism is out of control .
Defect In Design (28 days ago)
Funny how I don’t get notifications for this channel
I would say people on the right are the most attractive and people on the left are pretty ugly. At least from my millennial generation in America.
Doesn't every group need an enemy to survive? That's not an argument really. It's just criticizing life.
If you watch the Soviets story (an award winning documentary) you'll see that actually was very complex. They were playing many angles and yes one of them was the German people.
They can automate industry so they don't need everybody.
fmbmrtjdpcmrtb (28 days ago)
What caused the start of Muslim refugees (not "invaders", as another commentator called them) leaving their countries was the Iraq War, that started when REPUBLICAN RIGHT WING President George Bush Jr and America LIED to Britain and the world that Iraq had mass weapons of destruction. Tony Blair was either complicit in that too or just hugely gullible - and his neo-liberal politics are more right wing than left wing anyway. And America and the UK have been happily bombing the middle east ever since, causing yet more refugees, whether their leaders were right wing or neo-liberal. The hypocrisy of the right wing blaming this entirely on Labour/the left is ridiculous - BOTH sides are at fault. So both the right wing and neo-liberal left need to take responsibility and be accountable. And the TRUE left wing in the UK - the Green Party and Corbyn - made it repeatedly clear that they never agreed that bombing the middle east was the answer and they said it would cause more problems, so to blame the TRUE left wing (as opposed to neo-liberals) for refugees is even more ridiculous, when you take that fact into account. Also, the refugees were escaping death and destruction in their countries (have you seen the photos/videos after the bombings?), so have some compassion - how would you and your family feel and behave in the same circumstances? They didn't all risk their lives escaping and travelling just for the fun of it. Most people don't choose to leave their homes/land unless they are forced to do so by extremely bad circumstances/people, and will stay away if their homes/land continue to stay destroyed and/or dangerous.
Soviet vape King (28 days ago)
Get the Muslims out of Europe.
Frank Lucas (28 days ago)
Let's be honest: by modern standards, all our grandfathers who fought in WWI/WWII were Evil fascists and Nazis. Fascism = Being against the BLATANTLY clear, systematic efforts to ethnically cleanse and erase the world of Whites by 2200. Anyone who denies this is either ignorant, or simply too much a coward to admit the truth to themselves. It's just like in the Matrix. You can't force the majority of sheep to take the red pill. The blue pill is too comfortable and they don't have the strength or hope to confront reality.
Thorbjørn (28 days ago)
Russel Brand, love this side of you! So curious. And great Beard :D
Luca Smith Senise (28 days ago)
Russell Brand, you should not interrupt your guest so much. Notice how Noah never interrupts. Maybe switch from TM to vipassana. Love your work and your efforts though. Keep it up
Broken Gas Mask (28 days ago)
can we all agree socialist are fucking garbage left or right? and should be fought off
J (28 days ago)
the friendly fascism of google and fb twitter is the real fascism... oh and the fake news monoculture academic lying too... oh and financiers rigging absolutely everything
Cory Floyd (28 days ago)
America is a Fascist Nation, the corporations here run the government, the law enforcement defends the corporations from the peoples best interest (many people being abused by the government on behalf of oil pipelines) they are trying to take more public land for corporations to use for profit, they are giving those corporations tax breaks and exemptions from fines and the ability to move through private property without emanate domain being finalized in court, they are incriminating peaceful organizers and protesters with federal crimes even when they are on their own private property. Everyone who placed a vote for Trump the Dictator is guilty of these things and Hilary wouldn't have done a fucking thing different. Fascism has been here for awhile I blame the ignorant authority loving clones that walk these streets in masses empowering and enabling the totalitarian regime.
jamie fleming (28 days ago)
Fascism is the only idealogical system that not only acknoledges human nature phychology, but actively pursues improving them. Materialist ideology like capitalism or socialism corrode the human spirit.
saganist (28 days ago)
Man, Russell has such an adorable voice for the lack of a better word.
STAY CLINT (28 days ago)
Russhill me ol hyna how iz i ?
Louise Watson (28 days ago)
Would love you to look into the biggest wildlife massacre in Australia. The kangaroos! they are dying out and we need international attention...Being wiped off the planet by out of control bogan breeding. And what about Africa? china ? and 1080 in NZ...We have Governments killing out our wildlife world wide...It is the end of life as we know it without our wildlife ...we are nothing without them, just a bunch of ugly humans
Peter Turley (28 days ago)
Fascist Tory Britain 2018!!!
w (28 days ago)
creepy jews, hairy and bald
Kurrdt kobain (28 days ago)
Ex of Katy Perry, massive illuminati bitch
Mckenzie .Latham (28 days ago)
Everyone's a fascist when it suits them to be.
synchronium24 (29 days ago)
I get that it's Russell's show and he can do what he wants, but like, dude, let your guests talk without constantly interrupting them.
arya karadas (29 days ago)
as long as you have your "values" like your race or your religion your bodies can be used by those in power according to their wishes. you can be a soldier for your government, you can be "a lonely wolf" for isis. you can only generate hatred, because syrians are not beautiful and you are. so you generate hatred against them, they look filty, you look clean and this is cancer to the world. if you have a claim to "make lives better for humans" do not interfere with their lives, do not make a revalution for them, just change yourself. do not consume, do not hate, do not release plastic to the world etc. humanism doesnt work, wars cannot bring peace.
Lucid Health (29 days ago)
We live in an energy extraction matrix, the game is fuelled by our emotions, energy in motion. Stop handing over your power to what doesn't serve you
Mark Cameron (29 days ago)
Russell Bland
Phillip Gregory (29 days ago)
Why is the complete interview not posted?
abbreviation of time (29 days ago)
Now do "Why Are So Many Young Idiots Drawn To Communism"
HeartlessXx (29 days ago)
Yes they are... the new fascism is calling anybody who even hints about sedition a fascist then they continue with the drum of the beat from tv social N mainstraim media... everybody's pretty much crazy radical right wing at this point... psychos...
alexn3o (29 days ago)
I love his kind of examples, and I don’t agree with the Vader thing... there’s a lot of philosophy behind the “dark side”
Ricky Seedo (29 days ago)
The people demand Eric Striker and Russell Brand speak to each other.

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