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The 24 Hour Handcuff Challenge

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This was our 24 hour handcuff challenge... we had so much fun doing this challenge, and hope you enjoy this weeks video. Buzz Feeds Video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOleB8wb8xc
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Fer J.c .i. (2 months ago)
Leena Saleh (5 months ago)
love ur videos guys:))) subscribed
Skylar Batchelor (5 months ago)
Are yall sisters
Chris kim (9 months ago)
What brand of handcuff did you use for this challenge?
Shawn Bruning (9 months ago)
I liked it a lot.
Connor Wood (1 year ago)
I have to question how genuine this is. How can you change a shirt handcuffed?
Queen Sabine (2 years ago)
Fake, you can't change your shirt when handcuffed.
Adnan Edina (2 years ago)
add new video you in handcuffed yourself
mike987614 (2 years ago)
Great challange girls you should of double locked your handcuffs, would of stopped handcuffs tighting when you were sleeping
mike987614 (2 years ago)
Hi girls have you thought of trying brushing your hair, applying make up or even doing hands cuffed behind your back food eating challenge and making a sandwich there are loads of Diffrent things could make videos. Just remember to double lock cuffs. Push little pin hole on side of your cuffs too double lock with pointy end of key x
Sydney & Alexis (2 years ago)
Oh my go I wish we knew that when we filmed this lol XD
Diplo001 (2 years ago)
really cool video well done :)
Mundo Do Ray (2 years ago)
i guess i would love to be handcuffed to you for days haha
Kevin Coughlin (2 years ago)
I still did not get how you could change your shirt without getting someone to unhook you for a second to slide the sleeve off. Still, it was a fun story. Reminds me of grad night handcuffed to a friend at magic mountain. (But I kept the key so we could take bathroom breaks in the appropriate bathrooms).
TheZSlayer (2 years ago)
did you guys delete my comment, I was only curious lol
Samson Varghese (2 years ago)
Hey nice video. Most of the time you two are talking only, i didnt find any challenges in this video. Better luck next time.

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