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Hollywood Undead - Everywhere I Go

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Hollywood Undead’s brand new album “Day of The Dead” is out NOW. Get it here: iTunes: http://smarturl.it/HUDayOfTheDead Amazon: http://smarturl.it/HUDayOfTheDeadAmz Google Play: http://smarturl.it/HUDayOfTheDeadGP Best Buy: http://smarturl.it/DayOfTheDeadBB Site: http://hollywoodundead.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/hollywoodundead Twitter: http://twitter.com/hollywoodundead Instagram: http://instagram.com/hollywoodundead Music video by Hollywood Undead performing Everywhere I Go. (C) 2009 OctoScope Music, LLC
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Text Comments (24594)
Happy Squidward (6 hours ago)
This song has one of the best chorus in all fuckin’ world
mark croslow (15 hours ago)
This is music
Unknown Dubstep (19 hours ago)
I want a dirty version!!! Wtf
Bóng• •Đêm (1 day ago)
Hm 20/11/2018 =)) người việt Nam
Patrício DunDidit (1 day ago)
I take sh!ts that sound better than this.
roeex bb (2 days ago)
My inner emo that I killed many years ago is trying to crawl out and its saying Danny is still daddy-
Rucoy Spartians (2 days ago)
Hello from 19.11.2018
Taras Salnikov (2 days ago)
Толік підр)
KANE coool (2 days ago)
avoué sa voix ressemble a celle d Eminem si oui dites le moi 👌✊
KANE coool (2 days ago)
avoué sa voix ressemble un peux a celle d Eminem👌✊
Emily_palaye 1312 (3 days ago)
I love this song but with all the censoring I can't take it seriously😂 why did they censor weenie and panties???😂😂😂😂
Electro_moon gaming (3 days ago)
He pushed her off the fukin bed lol
MayleeBonniegamer (3 days ago)
LOVE YOU CHARLIE SCEAN!!!!!😘😍😘😍😍😘😍😘😍😚😚
Madison Mather (3 days ago)
ThIs Is UnAcCePtAbLe
Mie Faust Schmidt (3 days ago)
Getting really nostalgic here.
xxdatcookie crispxx (3 days ago)
im not a rock fan but my brother nick hes 12 im 11 he showed me this and blackdalai
MODKinG s (4 days ago)
Deucehk Arlichman (4 days ago)
shivii_undead (5 days ago)
And I like their big fake moo ... Seems legit 🐄
LuLeDx (5 days ago)
5018 anyone?
NycerKWS (6 days ago)
BallSoHardUniversity (6 days ago)
Anytime I go to the gym, this is still a banger
Jonathan Flameboy (7 days ago)
Before Kiki challenge there was Charlie Scene
Trxsh Kou (8 days ago)
not much leg hair (8 days ago)
Listend to this shit when I was like 10 so bad
QTee (8 days ago)
It is everywhere i go...and in everything i do...
Mihajlo Marinkovic (9 days ago)
Does this sound like eminem to someone else?
Namoro Uma Zoroark (9 days ago)
É sério... Depois de um ano q conheço essa música ainda não comentei nada?... Bom.. tô comentando agr
Даниэл Луго (10 days ago)
Хочешь владеть все а не ожидать будто повезет . . .
ZODIAC 01 (11 days ago)
Arti_ Art (13 days ago)
November 2k18. Anybody here!?
MMCH (14 days ago)
0:44 Charlie Scene has got a *wEwEwE*
Death Darksider (14 days ago)
Is this even Hollywood undead
Кто от орка подкаатера?
Happy Squidward (16 days ago)
Damn!Deuce so much fuckin’ better than Danny!
Λinex21 ɢaming (3 days ago)
Rich S (16 days ago)
Richard Kennedy (17 days ago)
Can't wait to see these in April
Hannah Alston (18 days ago)
my name is Hannah i do like this song it is so good i love all of the song
idk420blazeit (19 days ago)
Why so many russian comments?
CameraMan66 (19 days ago)
Whooo hoo, this is my jam!!!!!
Tonya2837465 (19 days ago)
gbo fyt (20 days ago)
2k18? Comments: 90%-Russia 10%-Other.... I"M from Kazakhstan ))
Daniel Koch (18 days ago)
Why are so many russians in the comments? xD
Даня Летов (21 days ago)
Даня Летов (21 days ago)
Abrar Sohan (21 days ago)
Super... 😊
Fortnite Game plays (22 days ago)
Watching Jake Paul and then I got to this
Edemilton Silva (22 days ago)
meu deus I no sei falar em Inglês mais mesmo assim eu comento
Edemilton Silva (22 days ago)
meu deus I no sei falar em Inglês
jorge nicolas (23 days ago)
Un final de mortal kombat buenísimo
Unknown Villager (23 days ago)
Hey is this really a fucking clean version????
shawn (24 days ago)
did i hear eminem
Márk Chanel (25 days ago)
Like ha magyar vagy
kiflis feri Standoff2 (13 days ago)
Nem fogom.
-; S U N (25 days ago)
Alguien más que hable español a ésta altura del año ? xd
Jade Spets (25 days ago)
HU kid friendly version
Melanie Marcano (26 days ago)
Always wondered what does Ashton Kutcher have to do with the song?
Pizdec nahuy blyat'
YEERGY BEATS (27 days ago)
How much do you think they had to pay the females to be in this video
The greatest MEME LORD (27 days ago)
2k18 like me to instantly die
Tazer Games Tupã (28 days ago)
Matheus disse q é top
Lynette M (28 days ago)
:O They're going somewhere near me! Just an hour away!
ZaDr0tIk (29 days ago)
ohh man 2k18 :D
orangeNblue 777 (29 days ago)
Great song. Continuity is spot on. Beat and flow are catchy and integrated. One of Charlie's best performances. They've always had cringey videos lol so that's just a thing with them. Unbiased opinion I'd give it a 8.5 out of 10
T.B. IT (30 days ago)
Hero 2018
hayden_sharp01 (30 days ago)
Why does it blank out all the curse words?
Brodie Engel (30 days ago)
Who tf censors the word weenie or panties?
leslie fischer (1 month ago)
I need a friend like you
leslie fischer (1 month ago)
Traing me make me a warrior get to get my head right now I just you
Ilanieil (1 month ago)
zajebać ci kopa kurwa w łeb?
Duch (1 month ago)
Phạm Giang (1 month ago)
The censor ruined the whole song
dax doge (1 month ago)
Dick shot in 2:34
Hruaia Pachuau (1 month ago)
Nowww listenning 18/10 2018 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Door Okrowka (1 month ago)
Кто потом Орка
Red Blood Spiders (1 month ago)
Слушал Hollywood Undead до выхода кавера Тапка, однако решил пересмотреть
MayleeBonniegamer (1 month ago)
justwired (1 month ago)
Or you change it to everyone I know I have to blow so I can afford this 40 I got in my ford pinto
Cicero (1 month ago)
aHAHAHAHA!!! What a funny video 🤣
Bựa Nhân Channel (1 month ago)
2018 and you ?
JioVega (1 month ago)
How the fùck can you guys even agree to a censored copy of your songs? Defeats the whole intent
LaStrana (1 month ago)
I still didn't get what lenguage was the one at the beginning...
Samson Gomes (1 month ago)
Ummmm gaaaaaay
GoodWin Win (1 month ago)
Кто от орка-подкастера?
vinnie anderson (1 month ago)
Seriously though... The censored version is so crap... To be perfectly honest, only reason I didn't down vote and move on is because I noticed this is the official channel.... But no way am I gonna up vote this...
HEY!! STOB IT!!! (1 month ago)
2018 anyone?
Dikiş Makinası (1 month ago)
Nasiba Nabieva (1 month ago)
Респект если не от радио тапок
Henny Aesthetical (1 month ago)
Friend: “Give me a song with so many curse words, but it censored” me: *gives her this video* her: I didn’t know I was tryna watch disney.
Dunce Duck (1 month ago)
Oh I didn’t now wiener was a bad word still even more censored than japannes prn
Anika Pipes (1 month ago)
Lol I am 13 and know all the words cencerd or not lol
McTaminus (1 month ago)
Fuckin censored are you shittin me
John Oaks (1 month ago)
It's Eminem under diff record director n Shit
DeN24 pro (1 month ago)
Хто руский?
Dark Vampiric Devil (1 month ago)
I guess your only young once right
Ahmet Mersin (1 month ago)
2k18 I'm here
bad oof (1 month ago)
i kind of like the sound of the censored lyrics idk why
xNbKAlien (1 month ago)
2018 an still thinking its eminem!!
:D Hozon (1 month ago)
Октябрь (10) 2018 год?)
Khan Kuriman (1 month ago)
ТОП нахуй,дудки слов.

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