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How Do We Deal With Police Violence? Russell Brand The Trews (E184)

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Russell Brand The Trews (E184). I meet rapper B Dolan to talk activism, police brutality and hip-hop's role in revolution. Subscribe Here Now: http://tinyurl.com/opragcg and send links to video news items of topical stories that you'd like me to analyse. Produced directed & edited by Gareth Roy. Trews theme by The Rubberbandits Thanks to Jimi Mackay: @jimimackay and Urban Nerds: @urban_nerds for our creative services
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Text Comments (772)
special case (3 years ago)
in future, i'd prefer some kind of warning before i'm shown someone being murdered...
ChaosStep (2 years ago)
I'm sure the dude would have liked some warning before the cop let off a shot
Mary Taylor (3 years ago)
‘Love the Police’… Okay nobody likes predatory peadophiles/ murderers, especially when they’re in the establishment. So…create/ initiate a ‘Police against Peadophiles’ campaign in which Police are encouraged to join in (apart from the ones who are paedophiles themselves).  Bill Maloney says there are many in the Police Force who HATE institutional child abuse but feel powerless against the system they serve.   ‘Police against peadophiles’ banners/ placards/ protest through the square. (Even if Police are there who aren’t directly involved, they will feel strange fighting against a cause that they believe in anyway). So give them the voice they are ‘not allowed’ and watch them either join in or fight back. EITHER WAY, people will be EMPOWERING the police and disempowering the establishment. And the public will LOVE to be in on this as they will protesting child abuse (a passionately sore subject for anyone) from WITHIN the establishment, as opposed to ‘the angry mob outsiders’. Bit of a mind game/ mental test for the police. But I know there are SO many police people out there who want to do something about establishment peaophiles and the people can simply give them their voice, if they can’t collectively find it themselves. POWER2DAPEOPLE’SPOLICE.
Allie Mcg (3 years ago)
Ps I love you. Jade helm. Fema . Martial law come on Russell
Allie Mcg (3 years ago)
Why don't you cover martial law in America femma camps.
Kéifus Mathews (4 years ago)
Never heard of B Dolan but got mad respect for him and his thoughts, Great soul the both of you!!
Tom Ebbs (4 years ago)
I watch this shit the whole way through don't give a damn about anyone else because it's all I do. then I touch myself!
Tom Ebbs (4 years ago)
that is so clever. the guy made being rebellious in a furious way quite fun!
Michael Kennard (4 years ago)
About time http://m.democracynow.org/stories/14988
Spent Much (4 years ago)
Great Russel. B Dolans a great artist with a conscious message. U should also try UK acts Akala and also a Bristol act called AllFlaws. They are both conscious artists who address social issues.
Thomas Hyle (4 years ago)
but what about all  fucktards who support police violence, no matter how open and criminal?
Dominic Fastbender (4 years ago)
Why is it that the police have somehow suddenly been educated to behave like Judge Dredd?  I don't understand why people are not going more crazy on this. This is not just a race issue.  This is systemic.  Arming police like they are in a war zone and behaving as if they are a military unit is creating the wrong mindset.  Seeing police punch teen girls in the face, execute without trial ( already restrained individuals ) and generally behave as if there was no applicable laws at all you would think that alarms were going off all over the place and there must be calls for stronger safeguards at the highest level The silence is deafening.  Personally, I respect the job they have to do but it seems to me that the lack of safeguards are making it hard for the right sort of policing to take police creating an ever more "us and them" type of engagement with the rest of society.  Bad policing needs to spotted earlier and treated with zero tolerance.  Are people too afraid to come forward and demand change and challenge the way things are? Personally, I had to go through a lot of hoops and really consider hard before posting this comment as I really worry about what repercussions may come for having an opinion which doesn't agree with government policy now we are all under 24 hour surveillance.
power2thepets (4 years ago)
Yet again another great Trews  = The True news.. I think these video's are great and they are definitely making  people sit up and think. Helping people understand the depth of corruption and misleading information that's going on in the world today that's trying to enslave the world. Keep up the great work mate.
Stellar Element (4 years ago)
we are not our material representation of ego, but our true nature is within everything. which means i am not my name nor am i linked to any particular cult, religion, creed and many more secular divisions. i am divine and within everything just as your are all the same. why limit your intelligence to one idea or dogma. as when you study deep in to life to find the true meaning you will find that it is no where to be found. only then can you truly realise that every thing is a manifestation of concious intention , from this realisation you can start to look inwards to find the true source of not only, this time space reality but others too(which i wont go in to now due to complexity). as i write this i am hear but i am also in your head . figure that one? you are me, and i am you.we are all interconnected . we are all as much material as we are higher conciousness or god. the only thing that separates ourself from true divinity is our selfish needs to fulfil superficial tasks that feed a time space continuum and not on our true purpose... saying that we also need to realise that we are all in the right place that we need to be on our level of self realisation. remember all pain is meerly a lesson to bring you closer to the true light of all things...love
http://www.justice.gov/sites/default/files/opa/press-releases/attachments/2014/12/04/cleveland_division_of_police_findings_letter.pdf?wpisrc=nl-wonkbk&wpmm=1 http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-watch/wp/2014/12/05/the-dojs-jaw-dropping-report-about-the-cleveland-police-department/ Police brutality is just business as usual. Nothing new, nothing changes.
Major Niggles (4 years ago)
YOU KNOW B DOLAN???!?!?!?! jhz
bouncyshak (4 years ago)
3:06 - This! I just want to drum this into the mind of sheeple who are defending cops and their brutality on civilians. The system will eventually turn on you. Race war is perpetuated to keep us divided. Do not dismiss instances like Ferguson. It's not just a race issue, it is a human rights issue. Do not defend the system and forget the humanity of the unarmed victims because they don't currently look like you.
Maria Andréa Alves (4 years ago)
Sorry. But I need to remember this. In 2005 a man named Jean Charles was mistaken for a terrorista  and was brutally murdered by the police. I am Brazilian and I was very sad and I never understand why the police was very violent in this situation? Thanks.
Karim Madhani (4 years ago)
"Film the police" put to the NWA classic. Bloody brilliant that..
Puddy G (4 years ago)
Mini-me found the steroids then...
Fred Willis (4 years ago)
Get immortal technique on this
Kiel Robinson (4 years ago)
The Trews http://conservativetribune.com/police-black-crime/
Michael James (4 years ago)
5.24 can someone please tell what that tune is and who is it by. ta
HeyHoWheresJoe (4 years ago)
Big up B Dolan
Cyntia (4 years ago)
Nice, new music to checkout !
August (4 years ago)
have been watching some of the videos on this channel awhile now and i realize how contradictory/ complimentary his role of arthur in arthur is to him constantly commenting on capitalism.
finowa (4 years ago)
A lot of people in the comments are requesting an Immortal Technique interview... Amusingly enough, B Dolan has vocally disapproved of Immortal Technique before. You know, the "fuck you faggot" aspect of Tech's views. Don't think Brand is supportive of that shit either.
cfc Madden (4 years ago)
Freedom fighter haha :p
undeadpresident (4 years ago)
If you're worried about a policeman beating up on you, tell him you have hepatitis and HIV, then he'll be afraid of your blood
Desmond King (4 years ago)
Yo !that shit is pure wisdom son. They might even tell you have a nice day suh! And send you on your way..
Jasdne R (4 years ago)
There's a list of the books RATM featured in their album booklet on the internet. He read A LOT of books...
MrSteelduck (4 years ago)
Well lets hope that Irish fans don't get upset for mistaking this fella for Joe Dolan!!!
Lumaca Li (4 years ago)
Russell at least put a t-shirt on when you're talking to people,wtf man.
SF90 (4 years ago)
The world is so corrupt the majority who are living in it can't see the corruption. What hope does this leave us with of changing things for the better?
handicappedhero (4 years ago)
2:36 I GET IT
beau4420 (4 years ago)
Ubuntu Contributioism!
The Archer (4 years ago)
Nice job Russell.  Thanks for taking the time to not only do the interview with Dolan, but to post it for all the rest of us.  He's right about the message in underground hip hop.  Intelligent guy and interesting artist.
Vegathron (4 years ago)
+Russell Brand Hey man I Love the vids and im keen to get into your new book! (its on its way!) But i feel i need to let you know, at the end of every video where you say subscribe here and point to a part of the screen where it should be.. how do i put this.. there has never been a button there! just looking out for ya buddy. have a good one!
Jose Urbina (4 years ago)
You should interview immortal technique
Stephen Faust (4 years ago)
Serial brutality by the police has historically best been dealt with by community legal representation. Certainly the people of New York found that true, c.1910-30. Backing up such representations as go to assert correct legal procedure and admonition upon Die Polizei by way of photgraphic evidence taken en masse can hardly hurt the cause.
ThaPod Father (4 years ago)
immortal technique on the trews a real rapper/revolutionary
huntedrasta (4 years ago)
Russell Brand it would be great to talk with you about Hip Hop culture and its potential for positive social change. I know you will be interested. Peace & respect
L Prosser (4 years ago)
Pleaaseeeee get AKALA on!!
Mary Chabot (4 years ago)
Thanks for keeping it real.  
Daniel Radnedge (4 years ago)
Still struggling to come to terms with the fact this isn't Omid Djalili.
jay (4 years ago)
I'd say hiphop was my greatest catalyst awakening (or whatever you want to call it) Listen to joey badass, the full pro era and beast coast movement are changing peoples life the same as Russell is (but with funky beats and loads more blunts)
luke parkes (4 years ago)
Dont you think you should get dressed when you have a guest lol
Dumb Jason (4 years ago)
Hey Russell thanks dude this guy is an awesome rapper, thanks for letting me know about B Dolan! :D Great episode!
Jenny Lynn (4 years ago)
I really should watch this through to the end but I can't bear to see the twisting and turning of the interviewer and the look of utter disbelief on the black guys face. This is why I stopped watching the news or listening to the radio many years ago. Well done Russell for what you do and for highlighting the hidden messages. Love all your trews interviews.
nortfishlsweetnr (4 years ago)
I was actually hoping for ideas as to what we can do about police violence, I don't think rapping is going to help us while we are being beaten to death.
Matt Czabotar (4 years ago)
great episode braj 
Kunai Yoshida (4 years ago)
Nice one. 
jack borwn (4 years ago)
I. Want to be a police officer in BRITAN next year however I will never like American police they are just supited and murders
Steven Stupart (4 years ago)
You should maybe think about getting Immortal Technique on the show if possible would be interesting to see?
777palena (4 years ago)
Seems to be more violence and more people in jail, is this a form of Spiritual Starvation, were people lives have no meaning, so they resort to drugs, which is lick a slow form of suicide, and crime is also the bye product.
Darryl Whiteman (4 years ago)
"Subscribe Here" needs to be down a little. That's all. Cheers.
Dan (4 years ago)
I don't mean to be offensive but.. He looks exactly like Omid Djalili
Ms. Alex (4 years ago)
Things are about to turn up again...get ready for another wave in 2015!.
Christopher Jones (4 years ago)
These are getting even better one day you will be back on the TV doing this if we can clean out the shit from what we got. We need an enema in our media and The Trews is that enema 
y r (4 years ago)
isn't this what tupac was doing
buzzin1975 (4 years ago)
Instead of picking up cameras, pick up guns, point them at the police, and pull the trigger.
Aaron Symondson (4 years ago)
"I said watch what you say or they'll be calling you a radical Liberal, fanatical, criminal? Won't you sign up your name? We'd like to feel you're Acceptable, respectable, presentable, a vegetable"
zeugfilms (4 years ago)
as a white guy, i do feel effected by police brutality against black guys. I don't want to live in a country/planet where this sort of thing happens. because more than a white person, i'm a human being...
Dal Bro (4 years ago)
Glad that I was spared that ...when I was faced with police brutality recently
Daniel McCarthy (4 years ago)
Police should wear CCTV cameras on duty. Problem solved.
Juris Zebnickis (4 years ago)
Eheheh he said crossbranding.
pickle rick (4 years ago)
You should stop doing peacefull protests in the US and carry arms then if it does kick off at least you can defend yourselves from the police that video of the lad being executed in the subway is truly shocking how do you tolerate such police brutality there the criminals. can't wait till its like that in the UK that's going to be nice aye, people need to wake up !
ozza lowes (4 years ago)
i for one can wait till it comes to the uk at least in some places in america you have the right to carry arms were fucked over here 
Azhar Khan (4 years ago)
Immortal Technique, Akala, Lowkey. Get them on mate.
badwolf1940 (4 years ago)
JOIN THE REVOLUTION.........  i want to see many people taking a stand against those who wish to keep us all down trodden and to take back a country that was once known to be great....... the day for revolution is voting day 2015 so i ask you not to vote but join me at parliament square London Whitehall and Trafalgar square to take back what is ours its time for revolution and say no to the crap and lies we have been told for many years.... SHARE THIS ON ANY SITE U WISH SO THE 99% ALL TURN UP thanks for reading
Sam Maskell (4 years ago)
norman no (4 years ago)
Pavor (4 years ago)
Imo these are not police, police protect the people, including from corrupt government and or laws. These are mercenaries participating in a coup against the people at the behest of the government and should all be treated as enemy combatants by the people.
Mountain Girl (4 years ago)
I'd like to see Russell Brand and Nahko Near bounce ideas and trewths back and forth.
Yassir al (4 years ago)
Russell interview immortal technique and lowkey
sleslie23 (4 years ago)
One minor detail, Oscar Grant was murdered in Oakland, not San Francisco. Though, the SFPD kills unarmed people as well.
thomas M (4 years ago)
Thank you Russell Brand, I love what your doing. Will you consider the Joe Rogan podcast? I would love to hear you and joe talk for three hours. Cheers.
79Sarwar (4 years ago)
I clicked here as I thought I saw Omid Djalili in the thumbnail with Russell.
YoungShyne123 (4 years ago)
robin hood will save us 
Sage Watters (4 years ago)
Russell, I was really disheartened that the anonymous movement in the US was so small. It looked like London had a good go at democracy though! So what is next, why are Americans so afraid of standing up for themselves?  What can I do to help, awakening others is not going to well for me.
Crazy Legz (4 years ago)
I hate the police, racist criminals wearing a uniform.
mic b (4 years ago)
yaaayyy finally a rapper on trews. please can you try to get immortal technique, lupe fiasco, nas ect. ive seen you on sway in the morning and by what you said I could tell you understand the tru purpose of hip hop. BIG UPS (PLEESE READ THIS) 
James Albert (4 years ago)
I would love to see a Trews with Russell Brand and Plan B 
sammu el (4 years ago)
i liked that guy
Mick Manmoose (4 years ago)
First Scroobius Pip now B. Dolan, is anyone else creeped of how fitting this is?
batfink134 (4 years ago)
Was the police officer prosecuted for murder?
Ross Lardner (4 years ago)
Keep standing tall Russell ,and keep being a bit sarcy ..we love that ,they don't xx
Keola Pirata (4 years ago)
Russel, why did you play the censored version of Rage? EPIC IRONY! LOL
Komada (4 years ago)
Russel, I love you man. The Trews are great. You're pretty damn awesome in many ways. But please, put on a shirt. The robe is just a little too much.
Rockyj2 (4 years ago)
Glad you're safe!
Purple Violet (4 years ago)
Hi Russell. Would you have a few book selections that you would recommend that provides real truth or philosophy :-)
truth4877 (4 years ago)
OMG Its Omid Djalili 
UAV marky (4 years ago)
& the police say "stop filming or you'll get arrested for something i will make up while arresting you painfully for disturbing the peace :)"
UAV marky (4 years ago)
real men join the army , air force , navy etc they become doctors, teachers, firemen, paramedics etc they become factory workers, shop workers, bin men etc ............. utter wankers become policemen !!! lawyers are happy now they are no longer the most hated :)
UAV marky (4 years ago)
i take issue with the term black & white that's like saying right or wrong & we all know everything white is right don't we ....................  lol :)
UAV marky (4 years ago)
film the police when there's more than one of you as you will need someone to film you as your getting harassed by the police for filming them :)
UAV marky (4 years ago)
the police seem to be made up of people who got bullied at school :(
Fianna (4 years ago)
this guy isn't black
Fatty Benz (4 years ago)
Hey Russell, If your checking out real rappers with a true message then make sure you check out Immortal technique, follow his movement. I'm sure you'll connect with his approach and values.
Tom Damian (4 years ago)
When attack from police is imminet then I think I'd quickly shit in my hand and rub it all over me like the IRA did in the 70's. No nicking for you, job done. Bonus is, you get to sit on your own on the bus home.
Tawnya Perkins (4 years ago)
Russell you should do a video on this news story! http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/11/07/1342840/--pointergate-may-be-the-most-racist-news-story-of-2014#
Oh_Kale_Yeah (4 years ago)
MORE MORE MORE!!!! Thanks Russell for exposing me to an artist I had no idea existed because corporate America wants to keep me blinded to these visionary people!!! My eyes are open!!! ♡♡
J WF (4 years ago)
What happened to the policeman who killed that guy?

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