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The Most Intense Scene in Cinema History

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Movie : No country for old men(2007) Directors: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen Cast: Javier Bardem Josh Brolin Llewelyn Moss Tommy Lee Jones Kelly Macdonald Carla Jean Moss Woody Harrelson (c)MiraMax and Paramount Vantage Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. NON commerical organizations, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.
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Text Comments (1521)
hoggath hogg (1 day ago)
there is no music in this film
neovegas (1 day ago)
At least he didn't kill the cat.
neovegas (1 day ago)
0:21 I never noticed that that sound was the silenced shotgun. I thought it was some random sound of opening a door or something.
Mayton C (4 days ago)
When your playing PUBG and you and another guy are left.
Mayton C (4 days ago)
Accept for the truck guy he was a spectator that died.
Mayton C (4 days ago)
The phone ringing in the background really creeps me out and pretty much says you’re f***ed.
yoshe yoshe (5 days ago)
One of my top 10 movies, Tommy Lee is one of the best. This movie was well written, directed etc. etc. the ONLY thing about this movie I could never wrap my head around and just seemed silly as fu??, this transponder or gps what ever it is, hes been carrying this case of money around for a couple of weeks and NEVER dump the money out to see how much was there, I know myself and 98% of everyone else would have.
sandesh baghmar (5 days ago)
All he had to do was snap his fingers
Diego Rubio (5 days ago)
The scene where Bell enters the place where Moss was shot was more tense than this doe
RedPugie (8 days ago)
6:47 another detail i've just noticed, if you listen really closely, you can hear the footsteps of Chigurh running away
RedPugie (8 days ago)
5:01 really like how Moss looks back at the direction that Chigurh is shooting from and his face just reads "you motherfucker"
RedPugie (10 days ago)
4:58 firing and hitting two shots on the driver when his target is the passenger. For intimidation?
Diego Rubio (5 days ago)
So the driver doesn't run away with the body and the briefcase
Magnus Kallas (10 days ago)
Love the scene but sad but true - film would have a happy ending if he just was in crawled position instead of being a sitting duck :)
sküll düggery (14 days ago)
anton had very little regard for innocent bystanders.
madscientist 666 (16 days ago)
Thanatos hunted down by Capt Armando
Scott K (19 days ago)
3:29 Don't tell me your cat loves you. Owner just died and that cunt is like "ooh free milk!"
Jose Espinoza (20 days ago)
Why not shoot dude through the door when he was in front? Ida straight blasted that door in half
Frank Castle (20 days ago)
Moss: Hey Anton....you should've....you should've aimed for the head.... Snaps fingers and disappears with money
nick devlin (21 days ago)
Tell me you didn't shit yourself when that lock hit him. If you do say that you didn't, you are lying.
syanide27 (22 days ago)
I'd have to say the Emily rose barn scene is the most intense thing I ever saw
Boshyジュラ紀 (24 days ago)
5:29 Why need to close car door?
Klaas-Jan Huntelaar (4 days ago)
To simulate he is inside yet. 6:24
Dawson Garret (24 days ago)
God I love this movie. Instant classic. If you have never seen this movie go see it right now. It's on Netflix
BubbleGumFaceBabe (28 days ago)
literally every game in pubg
TechnicallyToxicity (29 days ago)
The silence and tension throughout this movie is the best I’ve ever seen
Roger Seebald (1 month ago)
Dylan Kaiser (1 month ago)
Javier Bardem is the only guy who can make a haircut like that intimidating. Jokes aside he's amazing, i don't know who i like more, The Joker from The Dark Knight or Anton Chigurh. Both are enigmatic and terrifying
Mason Freer (1 month ago)
Gta online be like
kobzster06 (1 month ago)
At time 0:21 is when Chigurh kills the front desk clerk.
Henry Howard (1 month ago)
Moss could have avoided all of this if he did not go back to the shootout place and just left with the money and no trace he was there, that was his one vital mistake. But if he wasn't getting tracked down then I guess there wouldn't be a interesting movie.
Harith Azmi (1 month ago)
this one scene has more thrill than a film that calls itself a "thriller".
Generic User (1 month ago)
At this part my heart was pumping crazy.
Reza Dano (1 month ago)
How to Kill Thanos? Call Anton Chigurh....
J Matt (1 month ago)
Man, that truck driver got killed just for stopping.
Vikas Nambirajan (1 month ago)
Thanos VS Darseid(rumoured)
Andylouisoulful (1 month ago)
I don't think I've ever seen any other movie that had me on the edge of my seat so much. How many times you seen a Movie and then pick out all it's flaws during and after it's finished? That thought don't cross your mind with this Movie.I mean, it's near damn perfect....... Friendo!
Rachel (1 month ago)
2:52 if you listen extremely closely you can hear Chigurh unscrewing the lightbulb
Alex Heisenberg (1 month ago)
4:56 )
Dave Powers (1 month ago)
damn pubg has good graphics
ßlàçk Kîñg Sölø (1 month ago)
Love this movie best part ever
The Hive (1 month ago)
This is so PUBG
Bubbies Dad (1 month ago)
$100's on the outside, $1's on the inside.
Jarno Datema (1 month ago)
Why cant every movie be like this
broderick (1 month ago)
Any good filmmaker knows that the key to a good film is silence, using natural sounds and using minimal music. Directors like Dennis Villeneuve and Derek Cianfrance are good examples as these tend to use silence to help develop a scene as well as actually having music play in real time during scenes rather than just laying it over in editing. No Country For Old Men is one of my favorite films.
David Godfrey (2 months ago)
Why is there a wad of $1 dollar bills in there?
Most Hated (2 months ago)
David Godfrey They had to cut the money to hide the bug. No need to cut $100s when you can cut dollars.
Balt9mm (2 months ago)
Anyone know the official weapon Bardem was shooting with? Looks like a suppressed Tech 9 when Brolin picks it up at the end.. in the hotel I assumed he had the suppressed shotgun..
KevinCapa2015 (2 months ago)
6:39 That one split-second shows the only time Anton's face went, "Oh, shit!"
KevinCapa2015 (2 months ago)
This scene reminds of Jaws, where you see people attempting to flee in desperation from shark that we can barely see.
KevinCapa2015 (2 months ago)
Imagine if Javier Bardem gets cast as Darkseid...
KevinCapa2015 (2 months ago)
Anton's weapon doesn't even sound like a traditional silencer... it sounds more like he's casting a killing curse.
sam fletcher (2 months ago)
Josh Brolin: *Jock brother from goonies, to guy who finds some drug lords traceable money...
Robert Carranza (2 months ago)
i know this is HOLLYWOOD...but NOONE would wait until their enemy got setup....and then miss the mark. Let them escape and think they did a good job. AKA You are safe. this is NOT the move of a VET!
Robert Carranza (2 months ago)
This is where the movie gets stupid! Everybody knows that if you find a transponder you STOMP ON IT AND KILL TRANSMISSION...
bLaCjAcK Daniels (2 months ago)
I literally had a nightmare of chigurh after watching this. In the dream he took over the company I worked for. I woke up sweating Lol
TipsBlueBalls (2 months ago)
Josh brolin seems to be the intense scene expert. He had another one in sicario
I freaking love this movie
Just Awesomeness trends (2 months ago)
I would just take the boots off! Lol
vivek pilot (2 months ago)
The moral of the story : Silence is also the part of background score...!!
jona4178 (2 months ago)
Yeah I guess you never seen Carlito's Way before
s00s (2 months ago)
thought my headphones were broken
Reef2480 (2 months ago)
If this movie isn't in your top ten go watch transformers you mouth breather
Mitch Hall (2 months ago)
Jeffrey Crace (2 months ago)
Greatest film ever made. It's worth noting that Llewellyn had the jump on Chighur. He saw the shadow under the door and could have shot Chighur through the door. He didn't because he couldn't be 100% sure that it was in fact Anton. That was Llewellyn's fatal flaw -- he was a ultimately a good man.
Mike Petersen (2 months ago)
On the topic of the coen bros, they just released the Ballad of Buster Scruggs on Netflix, also a masterpiece.
jithin k (2 months ago)
Film name pls
Davidci Codex (27 days ago)
No Country for Old Men. Watch it. It's really amazing.
Elvis Edge RR Woodward (2 months ago)
Dang it!!! I jump every time!!!
Elvis Edge RR Woodward (2 months ago)
And...w/o any music!!!
Rtard McFU (2 months ago)
Driving around so slowly late at night, I would say that guy was definitely up to no good. He probably had it coming.
Professor Meme (2 months ago)
The most intense scene was actually in shrek when he went across that bridge.
Dicky Rachmad (2 months ago)
no country for thanos...
Dueling Shotguns
wavygr (2 months ago)
If you like No Country For Old Man check out the Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada another great movie with Tommy Lee Jones.
wavygr (2 months ago)
One of the greatest movies in cinema history. I was hoping for a part two but it is probably best they didn't do part two.
JRB Bera (2 months ago)
Click bait bullshit
Jemil (2 months ago)
Rick W (2 months ago)
Acting without words is ACTING and Brolin and Bardem killed it!
stripervince1 (2 months ago)
Fantastic 🎥 movie. Slow paced, drama, great acting. No jets exploding, no scantily clad booty girls. Just drama.
Sunil Thomas (2 months ago)
Llewelyn missed his opportunity. He had a chance to take out Anton when he first came up to his hotel room door, before he turned off the lights and came in to the room. Llewelyn should have known that it was Anton, since the front desk guy did not pick up the phone. He got a second chance, when Anton was wounded and dropped his gun at the end of this video clip. As a hunter, Llewelyn knows how to track down wounded prey by following the blood trail. He should have tracked him and finished it. These mistakes cost him and his girlfriend their lives.
Oliver Mayo (2 months ago)
Its times like this you really need a phased plasma rifle in the 60-80 megawatt range.
Should Be Viral (2 months ago)
Pubg anyone?😂😂
Buck Buck (2 months ago)
This movie sucks on many levels..SUCKS!
Buck Buck (25 days ago)
+Davidci Codex aww....such a cookie cutter mellenial..
Davidci Codex (27 days ago)
Aww, such a cute troll.
Domcreator (1 month ago)
Buck Buck lol you must be stupid as fuck dude
Rogelio Ayala (2 months ago)
Most intense=Mandatory watch
Josh Lira (2 months ago)
I had this on my iPod in hd for 7yrs I thought it was gonna be stupid I watched it last week n wow great movie Badass
Break And Enter (2 months ago)
"irreversible" rape scene is way more intense.
Uli Feucht (2 months ago)
Is a gold acting by Burt Raynolds and Bardam...
Greg B (2 months ago)
Should have checked for this day before.
Andrew_Owens (2 months ago)
I was prepared to be disappointed, but this isn't clickbait. However, it loses a lot without context. We have to know just how bad the guys he's hiding from are. And by this point in the movie we do.
Kenny O'Connor (2 months ago)
No way. It is the single bed hotel scene in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.
yasir khan (2 months ago)
Intersteller.... chasing the satellite
Tequilaboum (2 months ago)
The absence of music is a genius idea
don camillo (2 months ago)
The best movie ever.
handy mancandoit (2 months ago)
This scene is stupid, if you knew there is a person in the front door, use AK-47 akready, why give him a chance
Yama Basir (2 months ago)
Lmao the way he got out of the truck like nothing happened 😂
Hayden Spencer (2 months ago)
As soon as I saw Josh Brolin in the thumbnail I fucking knew it
Garrett Moore (2 months ago)
“Most intense scene in cinema history” I guess you’ve never seen the scene where shrek fights lord farquads men🤷‍♂️
motrhead 69 (2 months ago)
not the most...but this does make the list
073 Gaming (2 months ago)
Who else got scared when he shot the door
Superman (2 months ago)
Hawk-Eye is hunting Thanos.
0451 Shodan (2 months ago)
Why would he not just go out the window and run for it. Stupid scene
Joseph Gabbard (2 months ago)
Convenient they get to have a loud shootout with no one around. Coen's just make it work out like that.
MasteroChieftan (2 months ago)
This movie rocks

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