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Kill your boring job, become a pilot. Live Stream

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LIVE! Today we are going to walk around the airplane, show you my aircraft. Then we are going flying! I'll show you the difference FLAPS make in a takeoff and a landing. AND MORE. I give lots of flying tips, hints, and how to become a pilot, including financial aid tips for flight school. Please support my channel with SuperChats and Merchandise purchases. More to come! Don't miss it! Hit that subscribe and the bell button! Please hit the SHARE button to share with your friends. Flying Cowboy, Cory Robin, always finds a way to make any trip into a backcountry flying adventure in "Ghost Cub" his Cubcrafters Carbon Cub EX! Fly with me and subscribe to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/flycory?sub_confirmation=1 Merch and Flying Cowboys info: https://store.flyingcowboys.com My Amazon Store: https://amazon.com/shop/coryrobin My Sunglasses from NYS, amazing: https://goo.gl/YyB4sp Artlist, check out the music I use: https://goo.gl/j5DXXv Please help me transcribe and translate my channel, click here! http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?c=UCPMLBO8JzvBjy3N-hZcFWDQ&tab=2 #LIVE #CreatorsForChange #Flying #BackcountryFlying
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Cory Robin (3 months ago)
be sure to check out my merch at https://store.flyingcowboys.com
Cory Robin (2 months ago)
Thanks Jared! That’s huge!!!! The days are so short these days I have to start at 3:30 local time or so to have the light! I’ll mix it up with some prepared vids.
jared v (2 months ago)
Since you asked so nicely, just ordered a couple Cory Robin Tees and some Flying cowboys gear! I'm loving the live feeds but quit doing them while I'm at work lol
south mac (2 months ago)
Hardy Boy (2 months ago)
This was a nice change of pace from the normal videos we see.
Mark Smith (2 months ago)
I’ve been waiting 32 years for the pilot shortage. Still waiting🤔. Anytime is always the best time to start. You will always find employment if you are willing to do the hard yards. Agree with the comments here that becoming a pilot is the greatest thing you will ever do. Definitely think about the military too. best fun you can have with (or without) your pant on! BTW Would give up my 787 for a carbon cub any day.
fast slick (2 months ago)
Grate job, thanks.
Jim Belcher (2 months ago)
I'm a little concerned about loosening aileron cables. With that much freedom in the controls,, the potential for aileron flutter goes up a lot. I suspect the reason you aren't seeing it is that you are flying fairly slow, and you just aren't pumping that much energy into the system. Does the Carbon Cub have a recommended cable tightness for these cables? It probably should. Thanks for sharing your experiences!
Jim Belcher (2 months ago)
That's good to hear. Even though I'm an A&P, I'm always a little reluctant to pass out free advice on an aircraft with which I'm not familiar. Still, I'd rather have a little egg on my face than to hear of an unhappy outcome. Many years ago, I expressed some concern over an aircraft, only to have it crash and kill two people. I guess I didn't yell loud enough. On another occasion, I was a passenger on an airliner. I could have sworn the outflow valve was failing, even before we took off. Still, I reasoned, the crew must sense the same thing I do,and they have reasoned there is no problem. About 2 hours later, around 33,000 feet, the valve went into a hard fail, the aircraft depressurized, etc etc. I wished afterwards I'd expressed my concerns.
Cory Robin (2 months ago)
yes, I am not below the recommended tension range. Flutter can happen at low speeds as well, but I have never seen flutter on a SuperCub wing. I've even seen cables come undone and the pilot just landed with rudder alone.
wayne mcclory (2 months ago)
If you run helium in those monster tires it will improve STOL ? Could you test it for us ? Then if it works then try putting bags inside the wings and fuselage so you can put more helium! So if you calculate the cube area and determine lift it may shave off 30 lb or so. Winning Stol is the goal. Remember helium is inert gas .
Gerrit Dykgraaf (2 months ago)
Cory, I will only speak for myself!! But as a subscriber of yours, I have sat at round table coffee clutches just talking among ourselves!! Eventually the subject comes around too. What does Cory do for a living!?? We know what Keven , Trent , Mike , Jason , Scott do!! You my Cow Boy friend have inadvertently been elusive in that area!! Put it out there, ! You are happy with what you do. That is really all that matters at the end of the day when the sun goes down!!! As always Cory!! Fly Low,,, Fly Safe,,, G-Man
Edward Zatta (2 months ago)
Very generous of you to offer people your graphics for free. Great character.
Paul Scotchford (2 months ago)
Gap seals are very effective , had them on our little C152 aerobat (ailerons), much better handling in the turns , rolls etc . Yep release the video on your work, I'm a data analyst so nerdy is great :)
Joshua james McCarthy (2 months ago)
Perfect timing I’m watching frontier and just quit my job being fitter machinist in Australia mines and want to carry on being a pilot I’ve nearly finished my ppl so new and luv the bush planes
TheRcHobby Life (2 months ago)
U know... I personly would love to and I garentee that many others agree that it would be so cool to be able to do but in the end the overall price is what kills me... I would have to invest close to a fortune to get my certificate and then such as life Im not promised anything.
SAK 51106 Aviation (2 months ago)
I am a Cessna 172 pilot and l flew the Cessna 172 nicely.
Jan Detlefsen (2 months ago)
You guys are so lucky to have flying condition like this in the US. Good to see you make use of it as much as possible.
Cory Robin (2 months ago)
We are well known for taking advantage of the simple pleasures! Thanks sir for watching!
Dustun Rosdail (3 months ago)
Thanks Cory, had fun watching. Great to get a more detailed look at things. Love the straight up answers. Sorry I missed it live.
Cory Robin (2 months ago)
Thanks for watching! I’ve been so busy with work the last few weeks I need to get out and fly more!!
stevegps (3 months ago)
I hope you hug your wife as much as you hug that propeller. She might get jealous. Great video!!
Cory Robin (2 months ago)
Hahahhaha. Absolutely!
Joe Heitz (3 months ago)
awsum Cory!
Joe Heitz (2 months ago)
+Cory Robin next time you're in Palm Beach county (KBCT Boca Raton) shout at me and we'll take my Carbon Cub (#418) out over the Everglades and strafe some Gators!
Cory Robin (2 months ago)
Thanks Joe!
J. Michael Wilhelm (3 months ago)
Sorry..couldn't get the email thing to work so I'll post my information here where I know you'll get it. While surfing some YouTube videos I came across this very interesting video that I thought you might want to watch if you haven't already done so. You mentioned that you flew your newly acquired carbon cub to CA for some cylinder head work...port and polish something I know about from several engine builds on drag cars. This video was something that I found very interesting to say the least. Look up "Perils of cylinder work" on You Tube by Savvy aviation narrated by Mike Busch, dated Nov. 2016. Might be of some concern to you since you had head work done on your continental 180 HP engine. Might be worth it. We certainly don't need any kind of a scare or repeat of Nikk's narrow escape. I believe you mentioned you already had one and that might make for a great video someday on what happened and what not to do. I'm not a certified pilot but have flown quite a bit in the company plane with a CFI as the company pilot. The number one thing he mentioned to me was the horrid "base to final" or similar AOA situation scenario that has killed more very good pilots that anything else. This seems to be the norm for backcountry bush pilots...pushing that edge, but that is what its all about. Love the live feed stuff..taking it to a new level..still a little work to do with that Garmin Go Pro though. Thanks for the ride..... Michael
J. Michael Wilhelm (2 months ago)
+Cory Robin Keep the Cowboys in the loop on this. The through bolts would be the main ones if you can get at them. As always all you Continental and Lycoming owners out there may want to review this video as well.Interesting..my spell checker tagged Lycoming and when I looked it up on Siri Knowledge it indicated the company started in 1845???? NO!
Cory Robin (2 months ago)
I’ve put around 400 hours on my engine since the upgrade. Sure as shootin’ I’m going to recheck the torque on a few bolts!!
J. Michael Wilhelm (2 months ago)
+Cory Robin, yeah..knuckleheads mechanics are always looking for the shorter way out on time spent yet still charge full boat. I would need to be looking over their shoulders and calling out this and that if I had a plane. Hugh difference when your engine quits and you park it along the curb.....in the air...not so much.
Cory Robin (2 months ago)
J. Michael Wilhelm, I’m a huge huge fan of Mike Busch! I’ve met with him and talked with him several times. The mods I’ve done are conservative ones, but the biggest factor in safety is the knuckleheads operating the things. I’ll review that video again, thanks!
Defiant Wings (3 months ago)
Would love to know what you do for your day job! I am a code nerd as well...
Defiant Wings (2 months ago)
+Cory Robin Planes and code, what could be better?
Cory Robin (2 months ago)
Haha. I’ll try and make something interesting... tall order! 🤓
patrick riley (3 months ago)
After 35 years I quit flying. I'll reconsider when Transport Canada dies.
Cory Robin (2 months ago)
I suppose if people don't use things, they lose them.
patrick riley (2 months ago)
+Cory Robin I am quite capable of flying in control zones. I choose not for recreation sake. I had bought a new VTA chart for the Vancouver - Victoria area. TC had turned it into a pile of chicken scratch. Buses and taxis now rule the skies. Meanwhile, it has become a requirement to update your licence by taking courses every two years. Flying, and avoiding other aircraft is not that hard. The modern electronic world has many pilots buried in their cockpits as they play with their gadgets. I have encountered this many times. My priority is to avoid traffic by simply looking out the windshield. Also, the fun airfields are disappearing at an alarming rate.
Cory Robin (2 months ago)
That’s a bummer. What happened?
William Bailey (3 months ago)
Cory: You appear to be having fun and enjoying life. No amount of money can buy you that happiness. Love the video's, very interested in learning more about your day job. KEEP HAVING FUN!
Cory Robin (2 months ago)
Thank you William.
woof359 (3 months ago)
lesson learned, I thought it was a Piper
Cory Robin (2 months ago)
They all have Piper DNA
Ralph Burlingame (3 months ago)
Gees, you flew 70 miles with a BIG hole in your stabilizer? I hope you covered the hole with duct tape so it would fly right. That takeoff from the bush took some balls as you didn't know how it would handle. I don't want to be negative, but I don't think I could have done that. You took a risk and made it home. Glad that it worked out. Did I hear you say that you love your Carbon Cub?
Ralph Burlingame (2 months ago)
I know the feeling. I had a bolt come loose in flight and went through the prop on my pusher Firestar. It struck the aileron and took out most of the inboard fabric. It also went through the wood prop and took out the last 8". I shut the engine off as it was way out of balance with the vibration and glided to safe landing on the frozen lake ice. Needless to say, I kept my cool and lived to fly another day. I also struck a bird years later on takeoff and flew 38 miles home. The bird struck the top of the left wing and dented the last rib. Since the Firestar was flying with no vibration, I made it home again. I used a little rudder to keep it flying straight. Yes, I know the feeling.
Cory Robin (2 months ago)
Candidly, I feel like I got very lucky on this one. I called my wife enroute. I was shaking in my boots! God was good to me that day. 🤠👍
Cory Robin (3 months ago)
Hey no worries. I didn't talk much about what happened other than a rock flew up and hit it. Luckily my pal Jason Sneed was with me and flew alongside on the way back. It was nerve wracking for sure!
Ralph Burlingame (3 months ago)
Sorry, I thought it was on landing that the rock hit the stab and not on takeoff. I enjoy all of the Cowboys videos. Not many pilots do what you guys do ...
Cory Robin (3 months ago)
I LOVE my Carbon Cub
woof359 (3 months ago)
is week end traffic worse ?
Cory Robin (2 months ago)
Honestly, I don’t know. I’m usually with my family or church on the weekends. I rarely am out Saturday or Sunday. My kids always have something for me to enjoy watching them do! I do almost all my flying after work during the week.
GreggC _ (3 months ago)
Dude, Clean your hanger, Its driving me crazy !! :)
Cory Robin (2 months ago)
Me too, it’s time deducted from flying though! And it’s so cold now! It might have to wait for spring
Todd Rader (3 months ago)
Great video (I missed it live). It felt like I just went flying with my buddy,
Yankele Friedmann (3 months ago)
What an awesome and informative vid buddy! Thanks for sharing.
Steve T (3 months ago)
Thanks Cory. I'm not a pilot yet, but one day I want to yell "CLEAR" before starting my engine.
Cory Robin (2 months ago)
I want to hear about it! Keep me in the loop my friend!
GreggC _ (3 months ago)
Very very cool video. I started watching yesterday while you were live however my unbelievably boring average, mind numbing job got in the way and I had to finish it this morning. Cool stuff Cory !!
Alex George (3 months ago)
Awesome video mate! watched when i got home from work :-)
Enki Nibiru (3 months ago)
Hi Cory You used to fly a Wilga - the BEAST I believe it's a great plane - you've got to love the radial engine. Mike Patey's DRACO can be traced back to a Wilga. Could the Wilga fly along with the Flying Cowboys? Was it too heavy or slow? Couse the Wilga is a bigger plane. How does the Cub compare to the Wilga. Thanks Enki
Don Garrett (3 months ago)
Awesome VLOG! Thank you!! Utah rocks! As a Nevada resident, I'm just a little jealous ;) Ever think about building your own Cub, or similar amateur built when you have the time (AKA retired)?
Cory Robin (3 months ago)
Don, I have a few ideas if I ever built another SuperCub. I may take on the project if my kids would be interested in helping. Until then all my spare time is at cheerleading competitions, karate tournaments, or soccer games. I don’t show it on the vlog because the MRS and I want to keep the kiddos off the social media...I’m a big time family dad/husband. 💥👍🤠
Jim 2506 (3 months ago)
Sorry bout the smoke, that's us
Jim 2506 (3 months ago)
That would be awesome +Cory Robin! Come to O22, we have a OV-10 Bronco and two S-2T's plus copter 404. I could definitely get the word out here! You could probably get some of the guys like Brian to come down from Sac with you, he is a air ambulance pilot so it's all in the family.
Cory Robin (3 months ago)
Jim 2506 sorry man. 👎 I’m going to come visit and do a film to try and help raise awareness
Crammy Davis, Jr (3 months ago)
Please release the SkyVatage video! We all want to know more about you
Michael Van Heemst (3 months ago)
1:14:20 damn Corey, that's badass
Gary Wood (3 months ago)
Loved the feed. What kind of camera mounts ? And heck yea love to see what u do for a living. Let’s people know your a working man, instead of a trust fund baby. Can’t wait to see it.
Gary Wood (2 months ago)
Thanks. I fly a zenith 750 with a ul350is in it. My mounts work good for it. But on the AT 802 it has to much vibration, the go pro stabilization can’t compensate for. Needing a great rubber based mount. Love your live feeds
Emmanuel R (3 months ago)
I second that!
Cory Robin (3 months ago)
Gary, all the mounts I use are in my little amazon store. Find the link in the description. I’ve curated a list of all my favorite stuff.
Crammy Davis, Jr (3 months ago)
I really can't thank you enough for doing these, Cory! Awesome!!!
RB3 Baize (3 months ago)
Yes release your video. Watched the tour of tugs of Mark and Mike. And watched Trent’s filming business. Wishes and prayers for Nikk and have been keeping up with him from day one. Trent did a great video on him the other day. Really would like to know more of what happened. He had to have stalled some way are hit his wing on the grown and went over.
Steven Boyko (3 months ago)
I left avation after 911, went into software dev. Just spent a cool weekend with Clyde Smith, aka "The Cub Doctor" in Lock Haven, PA. I'm going to play in avation this time round the pattern!
Cory Robin (2 months ago)
Now that sounds awesome! Clyde is known even here in Utah. Some dudes just can’t escape the legend.
RB3 Baize (3 months ago)
Missed the live stream but love to watch you and the cowboys.
A B (3 months ago)
Red Cross is a joke dude!
Cory Robin (3 months ago)
Educate me
Ranman Redpill (3 months ago)
I now have been mounted in an airplane... Gee thanks, Cory.. Lol
Cory Robin (3 months ago)
Glad to oblige?
longfello1000 (3 months ago)
Having my dream come true .....sorry not a good sentence. Shit
longfello1000 (3 months ago)
A Cory my name is frank Collins I’m a follower of your buddy Trent Palmer (hey now Trent) I’ve been die hard on flying all my life growing up in Long Island New York..... Sucked in by aviation all my life an seeing Trent,, following Trent an the kitfox It was a smash in the face like what happened Frankie do it bro ....so here I am After watching all his his videos an yours (an we can’t forget.. (DRACO the foo kin main man lmao) It’s been an a long time for me ...57 now ...my kids all grown up one in the Air Force it maybe time for me (well I hope lol) I seemed to like just aircraft STOL... ( sorry Trent ..maybe you can change my mind lol) I have to thank you guys for not letting my dreams come true One day if ya see a old gray hair (lmao) saying hey now it might be me I’m looking for my spot pilot license an could pass the test in my sleep ( past time study ) Some people read the local newspaper I read aviation (kinda cool rite) Well that’s all I have guys an thank you guys for the push I needed to for fill my ultimate dream Frank Collins
Barry (3 months ago)
Okay, I think I need to sue someone... You Cowboys need to get Nikk up for a ride at least as soon as he is able.
Cory Robin (2 months ago)
It just worked out. 🍀☘️
A B (3 months ago)
No way first comment! Make sure you get sun exposure and not cover up even if it’s a little cold!
Cory Robin (3 months ago)
Welcome to the party! :) sorry we missed you live

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