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Oracle Performance Tuning using Bulk Collect.

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This video will give you understanding of Bulk Collect and Bulk Binding for Performance Tuning,
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Text Comments (15)
Mahendra Babu (3 months ago)
Hi Amit Good explanation, I found one small issue in bulk binding i think the forall statement should be inside the cursor loop in the code?
Visak Aviator (8 months ago)
Excellent work.. Thanks
Shikha Acholia (9 months ago)
good explanation. Keep uploading more of these
Faisal Faizz (11 months ago)
Nice videos
MOHAMMED ABBAS (1 year ago)
good job
Ravi Sing (1 year ago)
Good explanation..
simohamed AbouAdam (2 years ago)
Great job thanks
NageshKumar MK (2 years ago)
Good explanation, and it is my humble request Sir,please upload all other Performance tuning concepts
Santhosh Nagaraj (2 years ago)
Very good explanation sir.Please upload more videos on save exception clause
Prasanna K Oracle (2 years ago)
Good explanation. Look forward for some more videos from you.
jose vignesh (2 years ago)
Really Excellent one.. It's Very useful Can you explain Forall clause again
amit wadbude (2 years ago)
Sure.... I have started work on this, Thanks for your valuable feedback, this means alot for me. )
siddhartha rao (3 years ago)
Nice Explanation..
Rajasekhar V (3 years ago)
Very useful sir..thanks
amit wadbude (2 years ago)
Thanks for watching my video, please share your feedback. let me know the area and topics which can be included in this channel.

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