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Shark Tank's Best Pitches Explained By the Cast | Vanity Fair

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The cast of 'Shark Tank,' Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, and Kevin O'Leary, tell you how to pitch them. Back for a momentous 10th season, ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ returns; and for the first time ever, Chief Inventor of Ring and former ‘Shark Tank’ entrepreneur, Jamie Siminoff, earns a seat as a shark in the season premiere, Sunday, October 7th. Still haven’t subscribed to Vanity Fair on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/2z6Ya9M ABOUT VANITY FAIR Arts and entertainment, business and media, politics, and world affairs—Vanity Fair’s features and exclusive videos capture the people, places, and ideas that define modern culture. Shark Tank's Best Pitches Explained By the Cast | Vanity Fair
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Text Comments (617)
Shriram Maiya (8 hours ago)
Mark looks like he did not sleep for 48 hours.
Sidd Chawla (13 hours ago)
Lmao Kevin has 2 watches on xD
Mr. Bro Beans (19 hours ago)
Brah why are you wearing two watches? I can't take you seriously
Edwin Andrade (1 day ago)
whoever did color correction on this did a bad job
James White (2 days ago)
Once I saw the train wreck of makeup and lighting, I had to read the comments ... btw, there's some funny af comments
Buk Lau (5 days ago)
Mark Cuban turned into Mark European
creativmindplay (6 days ago)
Daymond's face at 0:22
Akhil Peddikuppa (8 days ago)
kevin’s wearing two watches 😂😂
Kavishka Nathaniel (8 days ago)
I'm Barbara, I don't understand the product, so for that reason i'm in.
David McCoul (13 days ago)
I'm reason, and for that out, I'm Barbara.
RecklessWonders (18 days ago)
Lool 99% of comments either about the eye, the watches or the lighting. SMH Vanity Fair.
Una Nina Nine (24 days ago)
Lights are too bright
Maroonism (26 days ago)
What happened to Barbara's eye?
Vincens Aguirre (26 days ago)
Why is Kevin using two watches?
Benedetto Zangri (29 days ago)
I don’t even know half of the words what they mean and I’m 12 why do I watch the show !
Orion MA (1 month ago)
Kevin O'Leary is probably the only person who wear 2 watches .
Cem (1 month ago)
Kevin wears 2 watches - Man Time is Money for this guy...
Andrew Kemp (1 month ago)
loris got something up with her eyes
Wen Long (1 month ago)
Why does Kevin wear 2 watches? wtf 7:35
Uptempo Beats (1 month ago)
I’m out, and for that reason I’m Barbara
matt roulston (1 month ago)
Kevin wearing 2 fuckin watches lol
Timmy Nguyen (1 month ago)
Kevin be looking like the evil boss in movies
Surenaïde (1 month ago)
Why does he wear 2 watches...
Jin YuanZhe (1 month ago)
I like how Kevin O'leary is wearing one watch on each hand!
jose felix (1 month ago)
MIB where you at?
Telluwide (1 month ago)
Cuban's gotta lay off on the Grecian Formula....
Lauren Fitzgerald (1 month ago)
Barbra's dress is FUEGOOOOO
G Rad (1 month ago)
did they get barb drunk and just handed her a tub of colored spackle?
Matt Robertson (1 month ago)
I've never seen any of these sharks look this bad before. I mean they really look like zombies wearing makeup. It's like they all had a 5 year old girl do all the makeup and then put them in front of a 1,000,000,000,000 watt marijuana grow lamp to film this video. ...and for that reason, I'm out.
Josephine Law (1 month ago)
Mark looked so aged in this video.
ChaoticVlogs (1 month ago)
When she sees herself at 7:00 lol
joey (1 month ago)
I live in Germany Barbara, and for that reason, I'm out.
Bailey Chinnan (1 month ago)
kevinwith them 2 watches
Why is Kevin wearing 2 watches?
ashish01997 (1 month ago)
Can't believe how old mark is starting to look
Miguel Magaña (1 month ago)
Laurie’s tan is unsettling
EverydayTruth (1 month ago)
Did Barbra have a stroke?
Vanessa Lee (1 month ago)
Mr. Wonderful’s wearing two watches?
Rebecca R (1 month ago)
Did Barbara have a stroke??😳
william 19 (1 month ago)
Kevin is wearing 2 watches wtf give me one mate
Shrinivas Puli (1 month ago)
Barbara looks like a talking mummy
Steve Pimenta (1 month ago)
He has watches on both his hands......
pimpballer3 (1 month ago)
Barbra don’t buy sh*t
digital mop (1 month ago)
for any reason im out!
William Pilston (1 month ago)
8 minutes of my life I won't be getting back , thanks vanity cucks
blackmancer (1 month ago)
the vanity was fair on this video
HOODIE NICK (1 month ago)
Kevin wearing 2 watches😂😂
Jayse Lau (1 month ago)
This dumbo is wearing 2 watches
besadius (1 month ago)
why are they looking like wax figures?
Ida Spena (1 month ago)
Why does this idiot have on 2 watches
El Gingero Productions (1 month ago)
Why does Mark Cuban look like current day Sammy Sosa
jack ø diamonds A (1 month ago)
Kevin's wearing 2 watches
J (1 month ago)
"Know your numbers" ...A few minutes later "You dont have to know your numbers"
Pixelation (1 month ago)
Got to hand it to the Shark Tank makeup team tho
YOUNG 'N GRATEFUL (1 month ago)
Thriller video director called. They need their zombies back.
fivezeroniner (1 month ago)
0:00 i thought she saying "We're the fabulous cancer shark tank." lmao
Nick (1 month ago)
why tf mr wonderful have 2 watches on?? lmao
papabear4242 (1 month ago)
The sharks look terrible. . .except for damon and kevin.
Roastt U (1 month ago)
I know 69 and wiz are all about flexing , but the bald guy was wearing two watches on two different wrists. That takes some boldness to do.
Max F (1 month ago)
And you smile all the way to the bank 🤣
Metallic (1 month ago)
my mans got ice on both wrists
Jessica Stout (1 month ago)
Mark Cuban needs to accept that he’s going gray.
Jesca Conner (1 month ago)
I own a drop stop. They’re awesome.
Hyun Ryu (1 month ago)
Raksmey Firefly (1 month ago)
why kevin o'leary wear 2 watches ? ._.
LurKing (1 month ago)
Babara and Mark look insanely older
Sasha Labelle (1 month ago)
“It doesn’t matter how many times you fail. You only have to be right one time for everyone to call you an overnight success”
Jeff Miller (1 month ago)
I just want to say something about Marks point on being open to new ideas. It doesn't matter what people look like, we should be pushing for diversity of thought, not necessarily difference in appearance.
C B (1 month ago)
My friends dad is Aaron Krause
nateejl (1 month ago)
Who did the makeup? Mark Cuban looks like Teddy Perkins
cc00lltt00nn (1 month ago)
Why is O’Leary rocking two watches?? 🤣
Erica Lindblad (1 month ago)
Black don’t crack.
Darian Mavandad (1 month ago)
So Hellen Keller set-up the lighting?
Camden Price (1 month ago)
Is that lady a mixture between Ellen DeGeneres and Fetty Walk?
FernandoDante (1 month ago)
Two watches? Fckin WHY?
Calvary Monrovia (1 month ago)
Vanity Fair should watch a video on video lighting technique or hiring the proper production company to produce it.
Palash Priyanshu Dutta (1 month ago)
i like cuban
马伯谦 (1 month ago)
Kevin is wearing two watches
Edwin Ty (1 month ago)
Wearing 2 watches increases your chance to be a shark I guess.
Jack Craig (1 month ago)
Why does Kevin wear two watches?
ignition. (1 month ago)
WTF... Kevin O'Leary has two watches on...
Martin Nachsin (1 month ago)
Why is Kevin wearing 2 watches?
Mary S (1 month ago)
I don't think Barbara should be on the show. She always picks the lamest ideas
Jay M (1 month ago)
Kevin is wearing 2 watches. and for that reason, you can look at any wrist and tell the time
hippopajamas (1 month ago)
I don't know if I can trust a man with two watches.
jenny nagel (1 month ago)
The one time Barbara wanted in, but her eye was out. Lmao 😂
CrazyWedz (1 month ago)
Next time, mic them
Sami Amor (1 month ago)
Mark has way too much makeup on.. WTF, they need to tone the makeup artists down.
Pati (1 month ago)
So intelligence, openness(creativity) and conscientious.
marie lsh (1 month ago)
whats wrong with barbs right eye?
Dude why do they look so weird in this video? Damereon is just staring at he camera, Cuban looks like he’s wearing a friccin mask, Barbra’s right eye is screwy and Kevin has TWO watches on! Wtf!
Tegan Charmley (1 month ago)
Marks looks high and dead Loris makeup is crazy I never and her hand and lips missed the spray tan, Dayton looks good, Barbra Jesus what happened to her, and wonderful over there looks alright. You guys did a horrible job making these guys look good. Good looking people look like a clown sneezed in the morgue and was like okay let’s film this.
Daniel Romero (1 month ago)
Yo, Cuban is wearing like 10 pounds of makeup. He does not look like that irl.
Abigail Britian (1 month ago)
4:13 or just dont have your phone in your hand while driving....
Kaele (1 month ago)
Kevin O’Leary really wearing a watch on both wrists lmfao
Ibrahim Najjar (1 month ago)
Mark looks like he is dying
StayinAliv3 (1 month ago)
Did Barbra have a stoke?
Raffi Adjeleian (1 month ago)
4:54 lol why kevin got two watches mayyyynnnnnn
This how you look when you have many demons living in you.. These rich people are freaks in their downtime.
RobinFlysHigh (1 month ago)
Damon John looking good (black don't crack). Mark Cuban looking like death warmed over.

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